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Your donation supporting pregnant women in need provides unbiased information, genuine counsel, and practical help — allowing her to experience esteem, appreciation, respect, hope, and honest perspectives.

Every day, hundreds of thousands of women find themselves in unplanned and unwanted pregnancies. This often leads to inner turmoil while facing the question of whether to have an abortion or to say yes to keeping the baby.

Thank you for standing with other pregnant women in need!

Your Gift 💖 24 Euros

  • Number of Women Reached by Your Generosity: 50 Women
  • Your Impact: Visits to our website: You are giving 50 women access to high-quality, objective, and inspiring information.

Your Gift 💖 46 Euros

  • Number of Women Reached by Your Generosity: 5 Women
  • Your Impact: Customized digital counseling: You are giving "first aid” to five women, offering guidance amid the chaos of emotions, and facilitating access to one-on-one counseling sessions.

Your Gift 💖 210 Euros

  • Number of Women Reached by Your Generosity: 1 Woman
  • Your Impact: One individual counseling session with our team of highly qualified counselors, including material assistance when needed: You are giving this woman the opportunity to make a truly free decision.

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  • Yes, any information you provide, including your contact information and financial data, is secure and protected at all times. For details, click here.

  • Your gift facilitates the provision of information, counsel, and assistance to women who are conflicted about their pregnancy. You decide whether your donation goes toward a woman's website visit, her digital counseling session, or individual counseling. Your gift also makes Profemina’s services available internationally.

  • Profemina counseling is funded exclusively through private donors who care about pregnant women facing difficult situations. This is how Profemina can offer all counseling services completely free of charge.

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By giving your best gift today, you provide pregnant women facing challenging situations with the safety, freedom, support, care, empathy, and protection they need and deserve. Thank you for being Profemina!

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