What We Do

What We Do

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Profemina Is for Women

Our Foundational Principles

Profemina is an international, independent, professionally qualified, international non-profit counseling service for women facing challenges in their pregnancies. We facilitate self-determined and independent decisions by providing pregnant women with judgment-free resources, such as objective information, excellent and increasingly diverse life coaching, as well as practical support.

Having counseled over 400,000 women, we have learned that external pressure from circumstances and people primary reason women are conflicted about their pregnancies. This is this the leading cause of abortion decisions.

We, therefore, hold it as our primary task to come alongside women in need, offering support for THOSE WHO DESIRE an alternative to abortion — thus making a FREE decision possible.

We aim to encourage you NOT to be intimidated, pressured, or coerced by external circumstances or people. We want to create an environment where you can act according to your values and convictions, courageously face adversity, and grow with each life challenge.

Should you desire our encouragement and guidance in following your deepest longing, we would love to be there for you as you take the uncoerced freedom to choose life.

For a detailed overview of our digital counseling services, click here.

Our Funding

Our work is funded entirely by private donors who care deeply about pregnant women and by women who have benefited from our services and want to show their appreciation. Therefore, Profemina’s services are rendered completely free of charge to any woman seeking guidance and support.

If you are facing challenges in your pregnancy, are encountering a lack of empathy or disrespect, or are feeling unsure or anxious about your future, you are not alone! Many individuals are standing with you. By donating, they want to see that you receive genuine support. Every donation helps ensure you are offered information, guidance, and assistance.

"It's wonderful to realize how many people are making a difference with their donations, encouraging many women and making their lives easier. This was a lifesaver to me during the most difficult decision of my life ☀️” – Martha

💖 Have you benefited from our services and would like to give other pregnant women the opportunity to receive the same kind of compassionate life coaching? Join our support team by giving your best gift today!

Our Counseling Standards

Our counseling services are marked by...

...technological excellence. Our coaching platform is state of the art. Innovation and digitalization make our coaching accessible to you wherever you go. Our informational pages and online tests were developed with you in mind and are available 24/7. Our technology is tailored to you — and you decide how to use it. Of course, your data is protected and secure.

Our digital coaching stands...

...on the shoulders of our multi-disciplinary team, including psychologists, teachers, doctors, and more. Our decades of combined experience in counseling thousands of women in similar situations to yours have equipped us to provide you with the best counseling service possible. Our multi-faceted coaching service is there to support you in gaining a clearer perspective. By looking at your situation from different angles, you can then discern which path is right for you.

Our highest value in counseling is...

...empathy. We have created a safe environment where you can be your authentic self. You will experience a non-judgmental setting as we affirm your unique personality and the strengths and opportunities you carry within. We respect your achievements in life and want to empower you to discover the inner resources you have utilized in the past that can bring you through this current challenge. Every woman matters and is deserving of support and respect. We therefore offer all our coaching services free of charge.

This means...

...you decide. To what extent you want to use our services is up to you. You choose your subjects of interest, which tests to take, and what follow-up services to utilize. And you decide what your choice will be and what your life will look like. Our desire for you is that you would be fully aware of your freedom rather than allowing anyone to put you under pressure. We stand with you and support your self-determination!

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FAQs about Profemina

General Questions Regarding Our Counseling Procedure

Profemina's Privacy and Confidentiality Policy

  • Of course, your data will not be shared. You also have the option to remain anonymous. It is up to you whether you provide your name. However, we would love to call you by name on your evaluation.

  • You are asked to provide an email address when taking some of our tests. After completing your test, a detailed evaluation will appear on your screen. You might want to reread your results later. Therefore, we also send them via email. Unfortunately, we cannot send you a reply without your email address. However, you can generate a temporary one if you do not want to use your regular email address.

  • Your data is stored securely with us and will never be shared without your explicit consent. For more information, go to our privacy policy.

Which Concerns Can I Consult Profemina On?

How Do I Contact Profemina?

Who Can Use Profemina’s Services?

  • Our digital counseling services are primarily for pregnant women of all ages considering abortion. Our tests serve as a tool, allowing you to resolve concerns and develop a sustainable alternative to abortion. Having addressed your fears, you are then able to make a free decision.

    Of course, we are also available to relatives, especially the pregnant woman’s boyfriend or husband and parents. Relatives frequently approach us with questions before the pregnant woman does.

    You are also welcome to use our digital counseling services even if you are not directly affected by the pregnancy. Perhaps someone in your private or professional circle is dealing with an unplanned pregnancy who you would like to support.

  • Absolutely! The law stipulates that the decision for or against an abortion must be made by the woman alone. This may complicate things for you as her partner. We would love to be there for you. For more information, you may like the article She Is Pregnant — Advice for Men.

  • The fact that she confided in you shows you have a close relationship. It is fantastic that you are seeking information for her here! Support from friends or family in this situation goes a long way. At the same time, it can be challenging for you because an unintended pregnancy is never easy. We are happy to advise you on how to support her. You are welcome to use the information we provide on our website and take advantage of our digital counseling services.

  • An unintended pregnancy is extraordinarily challenging, and it is beneficial for women to receive insightful professional support when facing this situation. You are welcome to use us as a resource!

What Is Profemina?

  • Strictly speaking, Profemina is not a pregnancy center but an internet-based counseling service that can be used anywhere by anyone seeking guidance and support due to an unintended pregnancy. Profemina is not associated with state-mandated, pre-abortion counseling services and can therefore focus on the needs of those seeking advice unhindered by bureaucracy.

  • Profemina is an independent, highly qualified international counseling service for women dealing with unintended pregnancies and is operated by Profemina International GmbH SOZIALUNTERNEHMEN in Bolzano.

  • Profemina is funded entirely by private donors who care deeply about pregnant women and by women who have benefited from our services. To remain autonomous, Profemina does not use government grants or other federal funding. Donations make visits to our website and digital counseling services available internationally.

How can I join Profemina?

  • If you are happy with the counseling you received by Profemina, you can show your appreciation in the following ways:
    ⭐️ Write a Google review so that other women can also find Profemina!
    💖 Join our support team by giving your best gift today. Your donation makes it possible for other women to receive guidance and support!

  • Every day, many women in challenging situations turn to Profemina with their concerns and seek guidance and support. They need protection, a safe space, respectful counseling, and genuine help. Would you like to be a vital part of our work by becoming a dependable supporter?
    💖 Set up your recurring donation here!

Experiences with Profemina

"The website is very appealing, well structured, and extremely informative. I love the digital coaching option. This would be an optimal solution for women who might not have anyone to confide in. Here they can share about their situation and receive competent and caring counsel."
– Sabrina

"Dear Profemina Team,
I would like to thank you for your solid and informative posts which have just given me incredible peace of mind.
Thank you for making this info so accessible!!!"
– Carolina

"Kudos to you for your platform and for offering it free of charge! I think that you will be a great help to a lot of girls and women."
– Anna

"Dear Profemina Team,
First of all, I have to say: Your website layout awesome and amazingly insightful! Thank you for stepping up to the plate like this!"
– Barbara

"It is amazing that there are people out there like you
and that fate led me to you. I frequently think about the fact that I stumbled upon your website one night, and how distraught I felt at that time. And in the end it all turned out well. The three of us have become a family."
– Rebecca

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