Your Choice: Should I Get an Abortion?

If you are facing this question, use the Abortion Test as a decision-making tool!

Completing this test takes approx. 3 minutes. You will receive an evaluation on your screen and via email, so you can access it whenever you want to read it again.

How do you feel about the pregnancy?
What is your main reason for considering abortion?
This picture describes my situation most accurately:
How have you mastered obstacles in the past?
What are you especially proud of?
Is there an aspect in support of keeping the baby?
Right now, I am leaning toward:
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How Does the Abortion Test Work?

How do I make this difficult decision? Where do I get unbiased counsel on abortion? If an (unplanned) pregnancy has placed you in this challenging situation, and you are unsure where to go from here, this test is for you!

  • ❎ Choose the most accurate description of your circumstances in a multiple-choice format.
  • ✅ After submitting your responses, an immediate result will appear on your screen and will also be sent to you via email. This contains your evaluation, as well as tips regarding your concerns.

Feedback on the Abortion Test:

"I was not able to talk to my family and friends... thank you for creating a safe space!"

Dear Profemina Team,

A little while ago I took your Abortion Test (...). I have a loving family who watches out for me and friends who are there for me. I can talk to them now, but wasn't able to in the beginning. When I just found out, your website was a huge support to me. (...) Maybe you think that you really did not do much. But I want to thank you for creating a safe space to research information. You removed my fear by supplying all the details without being judgmental. The work you do is priceless. Thank you for having my back. Sending you love and hugs,

"It is a huge shock, which takes a while to process... you helped me make sense of my situation."

I want to let you know how valuable your website has been to me. You provided the information I needed, helped me make sense of my situation, and even sent a loving email [in response to the Abortion Test]. (...) When a pregnancy is unplanned, it is a huge shock, which takes a while to process. The work you do is so needed and you are excellent at it! Many, many thanks!!!!!


  • Our Abortion Test allows pregnant women to assess their situation by answering a few multiple-choice questions. After completing the test, they will receive an immediate evaluation to aid them in their decision-making process. This test is for any woman who feels unsure while facing the decision: Should I have an abortion?

  • The Abortion Test can serve as a decision-making tool. The questions and immediate evaluation are geared towards her unique situation. More digital coaching is available to her, if desired. Many women feel very tense while trying to decide, "Should I have an abortion?" They feel conflicted because of pressure they feel from external circumstances or the people around them.
    Therefore, receiving pregnancy support is every woman's prerogative.

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