Have an Abortion or Keep the Baby? Decision Coaching

Have an abortion or keep the baby — how do I decide?
Are you experiencing an unplanned pregnancy and want to make a decision that is right for you?

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Your coach: Maria, Profemina team member since 2018

Pregnant and Not Sure What to Do Next?

Should I have an abortion — a question you probably never wanted to face... but now the news of the pregnancy has turned your world upside down. Many thoughts and emotions are probably churning inside you — maybe to the point that you don't even recognize yourself. How do you determine a way forward? How do you reach such a momentous decision that is likely to affect your identity and impact your life as a whole?

Hundreds of women turn to Profemina daily with these exact thoughts and feelings. Based on this experience, my team and I have developed a week-long email coaching journey. Each day, I will accompany you through thought-provoking insights, helping to make sense of the chaos and find your path.

"The coaching was exactly what I needed. It allowed me to hear what my heart was telling me and make a good decision for myself. Thank you so much!"

Sara, January 02, 2024

"Hello dear Maria, Thank you so much for your wonderful letters! They were truly thought-provoking. Each letter was beautiful and filled with empathy. They made me feel encouraged and each new email brought tears to my eyes. I am deeply grateful."

Raphaella, November 14, 2023

How Does This Coaching Work?

Over the next seven consecutive days, an email will land in your inbox.

Taking these daily sessions for a week will give you room to unpack your worries and focus on your strengths and possible solutions. This will help you gain clarity about your situation and how to move forward.

Each email also includes stories and experiences of women who were in situations similar to yours.

Content Overview:

Day #1: Pregnant...Now what? — You’ve brought your questions and concerns to the right place!

Everyone writes their own unique and powerful story. Yet many women in our counseling have gone through a situation like yours. Let’s dive in and read about three of these experiences.

Bonus: Our Mood Meter is a step toward mindfulness, allowing you to pinpoint your emotions in this current situation.

Day #2: Where does it hurt the most? — Determine your main issue.

When resolving a conflict and overcoming a difficult situation, it helps first to clarify where the challenge lies. What is currently proving to be difficult in your situation regarding pregnancy? How can you address it?

Bonus: Worth more than 1000 words — tell your story by taking the Picture Quiz and receive an immediate evaluation.

Day #3: Light at the end of the tunnel — Get in touch with your strengths!

Maybe you feel immersed in darkness right now... You may wonder how to discern a way forward. Is there any hope? This day will give you the opportunity to reconnect with yourself and with what makes you one of a kind.

Bonus: Take our Strengths Finder Test to unveil what unique set of strengths and abilities you already hold.

Day #4: Positive perspectives — Regain your footing and confidence!

Finding solid ground on which to stand is essential in making a good decision. A secure foothold allows for confident decision-making. Here, we take a closer look at how you can achieve this.

Bonus: Pregnancy Personality Test — What are your unique traits? What distinguishes your personality type, and how would that affect your parenting style? Find out by taking this test!

Day #5: When the Time is Right — Tips on Making a Good Decision

What distinguishes a good decision? In this session, you will learn to identify five characteristics of a good decision. This can become a tangible decision-making checklist for you to go by.

Bonus: What is your decision-making style? Take this test to find out and receive valuable tips for your situation.

Day #6: Taking a Journey in Time — An Exceptional Decision Tip

How would it feel to be able to say the words at the end of your life commonly allotted to heroes, “And she lived happily ever after”? Expect a change of perspective during this session that may bring you a big step closer to your decision.

Bonus: Heart or mind — which one is weighing in more? Take the test!

Day #7: Facing the Future Courageously: The Lighthouse

Using Sandy’s story, during today's session, we will explore what your life's lighthouse could be and how it can illuminate your way forward.

Bonus: Your Closing Dialogue allows you to retrace your steps and home in on your current situation.

Your Decision Coach

My name is Maria. I am married and mom to two little boys. After graduating in social pedagogy, I started working as a counselor for Profemina. Following the birth of my first child, I began writing passages such as these to help pregnant women in difficult decision-making situations. My writing is influenced by my years of counseling pregnant women as well as my experience as a mother...

Walking alongside you during this week-long coaching program would be an honor. My desire for you is that you would discover your unique strengths and the amazing traits only you possess. Recognizing these is a vital first step in making a decision that is right for you.

Sign up today — I look forward to starting this journey with you!

"While I still haven't been able to make up my mind, I am glad I took the decision coaching. It was a beautiful coaching journey."

Michaela, February 7, 2024

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