How Much Does an Abortion Cost?

How Much Does an Abortion Cost?

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Abortion Prices and Coverage – International Overview

  • The cost of an abortion varies greatly from country to country.
  • The exact price depends on the type of procedure, gestation, physician fees, and location.
  • Many governments subsidize abortion.

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How Much Does an Abortion Cost? – Determining Factors

The following four factors play a role in the cost of an abortion:

  • Abortion Method: 🩺
    Vacuum aspiration is the most common procedure. In-clinic procedures, including suction extraction, are usually more expensive than the abortion pill. For more details, see below.
  • Gestation: 🕰
    Generally speaking, the greater the gestational age, the more expensive the abortion. After 9 weeks gestation, surgical procedures are the only methods possible. This would affect the minimum price of an abortion.
  • Physician’s Fees: 👨‍⚕️
    Depending on the examinations deemed necessary by the doctor, as well as the kind of anesthesia he uses, prices vary greatly. Each physician also has the freedom to determine his own fees.
  • Location: 📍
    Prices vary depending on your location. On average, the tighter the abortion regulations, the higher the cost.

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How Much Does an Abortion Cost? – International Overview

Depending on the country and procedure, prices vary:

  • South Africa:

    Abortions are fully covered by public services, but availability is often limited.
    Private abortions start at R 800 (US $54).
    Medicinal abortions (pill) cost around R 945 (US $64), vacuum extractions cost R 1,035 (US $70).

  • Cambodia:

    First trimester abortions cost an average of US $100.


    First trimester abortions cost an average of US $250.

  • Australia:

    In the Northern Territory and South Australia, abortions are free.
    In all other states, medicinal abortions (pill) cost AUS $220 - $440.
    Surgical abortions cost AUS $330 - $500.

    New Zealand:

    Abortions are free to anyone eligible for publicly funded healthcare.

    • Private first trimester abortions range from NZ $840 - $3,158
    • Medicinal abortions (pill): NZ $840 - $2,379
    • Vacuum aspirations, local anesthesia: NZ $1,144 - $2,400
    • Vacuum aspirations, general anesthesia: NZ $1,900 - $3,158
  • Austria:

    See our Austrian page: Kosten einer Abtreibung [+Rechner]


    See our German page: Kosten einer Abtreibung [+Rechner]


    See our Italian page: Costi di un aborto in Italia

    The Netherlands:

    If you live in the Netherlands, abortions are covered under the Exceptional Medical Expenses Act (abortion clinic) or by your health insurer (licensed hospital).

    Non-residents have to pay:

    • Medicinal abortions (pill) usually cost €450 - €570.
    • Vacuum aspirations cost up to €1,300.

    Northern Ireland:

    Abortions are paid for by the UK government.


    See our Portuguese page: Quanto custa um aborto

    Republic of Ireland:

    Abortions are free of charge in the public health services.
    Private medicinal abortion (pill): £450 / €540
    Surgical abortion:

    • < 14 weeks: £450 / €540
    • < 18weeks: £670 / €810
    • < 24weeks: £1,410 / €1,700


    See our Swiss page: Abtreibungskosten

    United Kingdom:

    99% of abortions are fully funded by the National Health Service (NHS).

  • Canada:

    Abortion services are insured in all provinces.
    Private abortions range from CAN $450 to $900, depending on the gestational age.


    Abortions can be obtained free of charge at 13 locations in Mexico City.

    • Private abortions range from MXN 1,500 to MXN 10,000
    • Medicinal abortions (pill): MXN 1,950 (US $100)
    • Vacuum aspirations, local anesthesia: MXN 9,950 (US $150)
    • Vacuum aspirations, general anesthesia: MXN 5,900 (US $300)


    • Medicinal abortions (pill): $350 - $650
    • Vacuum aspirations: $600 - $1,000
    • D&C abortions: $850 - $1,600
    • D&E abortions $1,500 – 2,100

Are finances a deciding factor for you? Take a deep breath and deliberately choose not to rush things. You are worth more than a quick fix. Perhaps the financial strain is the reason you were considering abortion in the first place. This is a widespread concern. Don’t allow external pressures to dictate your decision. There are resources available for you. Check out our information on financial support!

Considering traveling for an abortion? Read about Abortion Abroad.

Abortion Pricing For Minors

No matter your age, the cost of an abortion stays the same.

Who Pays For the Abortion?

In most cases, women pay for their abortions if government funding is unavailable.

Can Men Be Required To Pay For the Abortion?

The father is under no obligation to pay for the abortion in part or whole. Should you decide to keep the baby, the father would most likely be required by law to pay child support.

If you are asking this question right now, relationship issues are probably your main reason for pursuing an abortion. You are not alone. This is the #1 concern for many women. Here are some resources that were tailor-made for your situation:

Where Do I Go From Here?

The cost of an abortion is probably of personal significance to you right now. You may have just found out you are pregnant, and are trying to decide what to do next. This can be a confusing time, as many thoughts and emotions come at you all at once. You feel under pressure to find a quick solution, but are unsure which path to take.

You are not alone! We would love to come alongside you as you stand at this crossroads. Our team of compassionate experts wants to see you thrive. This can only happen if you have the freedom to find the path that is just right for you. Our judgement-free resources facilitate your freedom:

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