Our Editorial Team

Our Editorial Team

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Our Website Team

Our team is comprised of collaborators with a wide range of experience and expertise. The unifying factor? Our heartfelt desire to provide pregnant women, facing difficult situations, with the best possible information, advice, and support.

Content and Editing:

  • Verena Küpper, social scientist and scholar in humanities, profemina counselor
  • Jeanette Onusseit, psychologist and profemina counselor
  • Yvonne Onusseit, MA educational sciences, profemina counselor, profemina editor-in-chief

Translations and Local Content:

  • Tatiana Bettencourt, translations (German-Portuguese)
  • Kerstin Dörbecker, MA English and education (German-English)
  • Haley Panico, translations (German-English)
  • Anna Spandri, foreign correspondent (German-Italian)

IT Administration and Design:

  • Daniel Hager, computer scientist with medical focus
  • Simon Püschel, German scholar and journalist
  • Stefan Schäfer, motion- and graphic designer
  • Verena Schlagheck, Student of Political Sciences
  • Edith Miller, Student of communication Sciences und education

Additional Authors and Experts:

Our website team relies on the assistance of experts regarding content and language, e.g., authors and content editors. Thanks to our international team of native language speakers, profemina is now no longer limited to providing its services in German-speaking regions, but also caters to a growing range of other countries.

Our Medical Professionals:

All our website’s medical content is generated or reviewed by our medical doctors on staff. Leaning on their expertise and experience in the medical-psychiatric field, they ensure that all content is medically accurate.

  • Dr. med Barbara Dohr, MD, logo-therapist, and profemina counselor
  • Dr. med. Roswitha Henkel, MD, and profemina counselor
  • Martina Kaufmann, physician and profemina counselor
  • Maria Spandri, physician

Our Psychology Department:

Our team of psychologists have practiced in a wide range of counseling and psychological fields, including couples’ counseling, women’s counseling, psychiatry, and psycho-therapy. Being familiar with different therapy methods, they can offer helpful suggestions in crisis situations and point out what would be beneficial to the individual.

  • Maria do Rosário Boavida, psychologist
  • Clara Inocêncio, psychologist
  • Jeanette Onusseit, psychologist and profemina counselor
  • Bianca Oser, therapist and profemina counselor

Our Team of Social Workers:

Our team of social workers are experienced in working with children, youth, and families. They ensure that topics relating to social justice are kept up-to-date and provide information on further assistance for women and families. In doing so, they make certain that our focus remains on the individual, rather than merely providing factual information.

  • Mafalda Líbano Monteiro, social worker
  • Maria Nagele, social worker and profemina counselor
  • Kerstin Sonsalla, social worker and profemina counselor

Our Team of Linguists

Our experts in linguistics put the finishing touches on our texts but also enjoy the creative element of writing new articles. In doing so, they ensure that our texts are still both easy to read and comprehensible, even when dealing with complex subject matters.

  • Simon Püschel, German scholar and editor
  • Friedrich Reusch, German scholar, and historian

Our Legal Support:

Our team of legal practitioners is comprised of employees as well as volunteers, who safeguard that our legal content is sound.

  • Agathe Kerscher, attorney
  • Julia S. Fischer, attorney

Our Data Protection and Security Team

Your Personal Information is safe and protected at profemina. Since our technology is constantly evolving, our data protection team continuously ensures that your data remains safe.

  • Bernhard Binner, data protection officer (TÜV — Technical Monitoring Organization)
  • Artur Krieg, IT

Our Quality Control — In Content Creation

Extreme meticulousness is applied to the creation of all content and in keeping it up to date. The following standards are important to us:

profemina draws on many years of counseling experience
• An interdisciplinary approach
• Rigorous research
• Monitoring and updating
• Translation and cultural adaptation
• Cutting edge counseling technology

profemina Draws on Many Years of Counseling Experience

Our profemina counseling team relies on relevant professional qualifications in counseling women who are conflicted about their pregnancy, as well as many years of experience passed down from one counselor to the next.

Most of the content on this homepage has its source in our counseling work.

An Interdisciplinary Approach

Our editorial team is comprised of staff members with a variety of qualifications and talents. Our content is enriched by the wide range of socio-educational, journalistic, linguistic, and digital perspectives. All content is reviewed by several editors and in some cases also subjected to an external, e.g., legal, or medical, check.

Rigorous Research

We carry out research on all information with great diligence. It is important to us that you are comprehensively informed and that you also have access to information that is not readily available elsewhere.

Monitoring and Updating

When we publish a text on our site, the work is not over: We continuously update our texts based on new facts or your feedback. For example, all texts containing information on social services are checked twice a year by default to see if they need updating - reflecting official adjustments in benefit levels.

Translation and Cultural Adaptation

Translations are tailored to the target language and culture, to meet the readers’ specific needs within their local context.

Cutting Edge Counseling Technology

All technical features are regularly tested regarding performance and are continuously optimized. Our expertise in the areas of counseling, linguistics, and technology ensures the continuous enhancement of our digital coaching services. Our aim is to make counseling available in a low-threshold and effective format — even without the need for personal interaction.

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