Pregnant — Bad Timing

Pregnant — Bad Timing

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Everything Had Been Planned Out So Differently...

How do you react when an unexpected pregnancy threatens to mess up your plans? You had wanted to wait for the perfect time to have a baby.

Unintended Pregnancy - Not the Way It Was Supposed to Be!

Perhaps you did everything in your power to avoid becoming pregnant, because your present plans did not include a baby. Maybe you were hoping for a child one day — at a much later point in time. Or you may have been trying for a baby for quite some time, and now, just as you had decided to enjoy the freedom of childlessness, it happened...

No matter what your original plan was, the present situation has probably shaken you to the core, forcing you to reevaluate your life. Any pregnancy has the potential to turn one’s life upside down. This is all the more true when it is unexpected.

Sometimes you may feel a sense of confidence, telling yourself that you could manage having a baby. But a second thought follows right on its heels, "What if I am not ready?" Many women encounter these thoughts at the beginning of a pregnancy — even when it was planned.

Anger, Resentment, Anxiety — Any Emotion Is Okay

Every unplanned pregnancy stirs up a whole slew of emotions. That is completely normal and to be expected.

Some women want to kick themselves, “Why wasn’t I more careful?” Many feel an overwhelming sense of incredulity, “Why me?” Women who would have welcomed a pregnancy at another point in time ask, “Why now? There was a good reason why I had planned on not being pregnant right now!”

Do any of these descriptions sound familiar? Anxiety may be welling up inside as you consider the implications of a pregnancy regarding your financial situation, your professional future, or the progress of your education. Any and every emotion is okay.

5 Ways to Think Outside the Box:

Here are five steps towards a new perspective — thoughts which had been impossible to entertain while you were still in a state of shock:

1. When Is the Right Time to Be Pregnant?

Ask yourself this: Will I ever feel 100 percent ready? Is there ever a perfect time?

2. Growing With the Challenge

Any woman facing instant motherhood would most likely feel overwhelmed, especially if she had not wanted children. Thankfully, we are given nine months. While the baby develops physically, the woman is given the opportunity to become comfortable with this new role.

Hormones and changes within your body encourage this emotional adjustment. The months of pregnancy also provide the time you need to get everything ready: a place to live, necessary purchases, job-related adjustments...

3. Your Aspirations

Maybe you have the daunting feeling that the unintended pregnancy is keeping your dreams from being realized. This is a legitimate concern!

Could your aspirations still become a reality — while keeping the baby?

4. What Was It Like in the Past?

Have you ever experienced a situation in which something turned out completely different than expected or planned? What helped you adjust?

5. How Would You Decide in Retrospect?

Sometimes “swapping out lenses” can help you see more clearly. Take off your glasses for a moment — and put on the pair through which you would look back at the present ten years from now. What decision would you feel proud about?

Where Do I Go From Here?

Your current situation is undoubtedly anything but easy. Give yourself time to carefully weigh your options and to consider your heart’s desires. Then you can gradually narrow down a choice that is right for you.

Tip: ⏳ For threshold restrictions in your area, go to Until When Can I Get an Abortion?

You are not alone! Allow us to provide you with a judgement-free environment as you find your path:

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