The Reliable

The Reliable

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The Reliable is a "kind soul" who is known for her organizational skills. She prefers what has stood the test of time — and is a strong rock for those around her, radiating safety and security.

She does not like to be the center of attention and enjoys spending quality time alone. She is honest and doesn’t put on a façade for others. Her logical thought patterns allow her to always stay calm, even in difficult situations.

Seeking Harmony

The Reliable seeks to ensure the wellbeing of her loved ones. She is a dependable friend who maintains long-lasting friendships. No matter what happens, the Reliable will always be there for her friends, especially when they need her most.

The Reliable tries to avoid arguments and pointless discussions. That's why she mainly has friends with similar principles and opinions as her own.

A more rational perspective is taken by the Reliable when considering romantic relationships. She looks for an alignment of values and interests. When she has found a suitable partner, she invests a lot of time in this relationship to ensure mutual happiness.

A Firm Grip on the Reins

The Reliable may become anxious if she feels like she is losing control. This is because she usually plans out every aspect of her life. An unintended pregnancy or a pregnancy that seems problematic for one reason or another can therefore unsettle her greatly.

She may even feel guilty for not having planned ahead, being “more careful,” or being better organized. In this situation, it can be a comfort to know that there is still a lot of time before the baby is born, giving her ample opportunity to prepare and plan all the important things. Even if she had envisioned it all quite differently....

Perhaps pregnancy can also be a chance for the Reliable to learn to step back every now and then and just let things unfold as they will — and to discover that most things will still turn out just fine.

A Reliable Mother

The Reliable mother loves her children more than anything and demonstrates this by creating a sense of security and comfort around them. She is always there for her children and has a plan for everything. Reliable mothers think a lot about what would be best for their children's future. They want to prepare them for life and also desire their children to feel well equipped.

The Reliable raises her children to be honest and respectful people. Her advice is usually rational and aimed at finding efficient solutions.

Especially during pregnancy, the Reliable needs to remember to schedule in quality time for herself. Her perseverance and organizational skills will warrant that the Reliable will manage this time of pregnancy well — and will be a wonderful mother to her child.

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