Too Young for a Baby?

Too Young for a Baby?

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Am I Old Enough to Be Pregnant? A New Perspective

  • You may have had many things planned and dreams you wanted to realize before having a baby.
  • Unintentionally becoming pregnant “too early in life" does not mean you have to give up all your dreams.
  • There may even be significant advantages to motherhood at a young age.

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The Ultimate Freedom... Maybe Not After All?

Mybe you are in school and still thinking about what you want to do after graduation. Perhaps you are about to turn 18, and you start anticipating. "I am about to start living my life!" But what if, in addition to your travel plans, the new job, the packed moving boxes, or the acceptance letter to a university, you are surprised by a positive pregnancy test?

It is completely normal not to know how to deal with this news immediately. A surprise pregnancy can make you feel as if your world has come unglued: Suddenly, all your tightly-knit plans and dreams seem to unravel.

Does Age Matter?

You may feel unsure because you easily recall (or are told by others) many reasons why having a child at a young age might be problematic.

It is true that, compared with previous generations, many women in western nations do not become mothers until later in life. Nevertheless, the worldwide average of 26 years for first-time mothers comprises women who become mothers much earlier (e.g., at 18) and much later (e.g., at 40). Maybe it helps to know that you are not the only one dealing with this!

ℹ️ Note: Even women who try for a baby often feel alone, overwhelmed, and unsure when they find out they are expecting - regardless of age.

A Different Perspective

Join us in viewing pregnancy at a young age in a new light...

Are there advantages to becoming a mother sooner than the "average woman"? Many women wholeheartedly affirm, "Yes!"

1. Your Body: Less Demanding

  • Pregnancies at a young age are generally less complicated because women have fewer health concerns (diabetes, blood pressure, etc.), and the risk of malformations is at its lowest.
  • Since your ligaments are still strong and elastic, birth is more likely to be free of complications, and young mothers get back into shape more quickly.
  • The younger, the more resilient: Young people generally possess energy, flexibility, adaptability, and curiosity. These are all excellent prerequisites for coping with exhausting nights and shaping life's other surprises to suit their personality!

2. Your Choice: It Is Your Life

"Why don't you finish your education and start your career first?" "You're way too young to be a mom." "You can still have children later." "At your age, abortion is better."

Your life may have become the talk of the town because of the pregnancy, and everyone feels like they know better than you. If this is your situation, you are allowed to detach yourself from the opinions of others. That is what adulting is all about: It is your life, your freedom, your responsibility — and, therefore, your choice!

Dare to write your own story!

ℹ️ Note: You may have more options later in life because, unlike others, you no longer have to keep an eye on your "biological clock.” You have already achieved the life goal of “motherhood.” Those who waited for the perfect time may miss the opportunity altogether because they may not be in a relationship when the “right time” comes, or their job becomes too demanding... Therefore, living according to one's plan is an argument that can quickly become a boomerang in favor of keeping the baby.

3. The Coolness Factor

An obvious advantage: The age gap between you and your child is minor, which often creates an extraordinary bond between mother and child. The smaller age difference can make it easier for you to understand your child, put yourself in his or her shoes and do things together. Many older pregnant women are concerned that they will be taken for the grandmother. This is a worry you will not have to face.😉

4. More Support Options

Special provisions and programs are often available to young moms. For example, vocational training can sometimes be completed part-time, and accommodations help you adjust more easily to student parenthood. For more information, go to:

Some couples even deliberately start planning for children earlier because of the increased flexibility. Many universities and training centers offer on-site childcare or provide financial support and/or counseling when needed.

5. Life Skills

Having a child will quickly teach you what is truly important in life. You will learn how to deal with stressful situations, tackle new challenges with creativity and energy, and anticipate surprises.

This practical stance will help you discover what makes life worth living. Your Instagram story will probably look different and more interesting than your friends'!

ℹ️ Did you know? Being a mom may increase your employability since employers know that moms are more stress-resistant, work more effectively, and are solution-oriented. These life skills are a real asset - even in the workforce!

Your Unique Path

You may be wondering what your unique path in life will entail. What kind of decision matches you best? What would make you thrive? Don't feel guilty about taking time for yourself right now.

If you are undecided and considering abortion, you might find our weeklong Decision Coaching beneficial. This involves a daily email for seven days with tips, food for thought, and stories of other women.

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