Possible but Rare: Pregnant from Making Out?

Pregnant from Making Out?

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Can You Get Pregnant From Heavy Petting Through Pre-Cum?

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  • Pregnancies without sex are very rare, but nontheless possible.
  • A pregnancy necessitates sperm reaching and fertilizing the egg-cell.
  • profemina’s counseling experience confirms that any worry about a possible pregnancy from heavy petting is usually unfounded.

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What Is Heavy Petting?

Heavy petting, aka making out or pleasuring, involves physical intimacy, which does not necessitate nakedness. Identical to foreplay, it can involve any physical touch leading to arousal, except for penetrating sex.

Heavy petting is making love without sex.

How Exactly Does a Pregnancy Happen?

Conception occurs when a sperm (male reproductive cell) encounters an egg in the outer third of one of the woman’s two fallopian tubes.

For more detailed information on the process of fertilization, go to How Does Pregnancy Happen? – Conception.

Can Making Out Get You Pregnant?

Since heavy petting does not involve sexual intercourse, the likelihood of it leading to pregnancy is extremely low. Nevertheless, it is not completely impossible for a woman to become pregnant through making out.

    Schwanger durch Petting

    Our experience shows: Concerns about getting pregnant from making out are usually unfounded.

    How Can Making Out Get You Pregnant?

    Sperm journeys toward the egg cell once it comes into contact with the woman's cervical mucus. The female body produces this mucus close to the time of her ovulation.

    Since it is formed in the cervix and is secreted through the vagina, cervical mucus can be located at the vaginal opening. Therefore, during heavy petting, sperm cells could come into contact with this mucus and find their way through the vagina to the egg. The cervical mucus acts like an elevator, transporting the sperm cells upward. Heavy petting can therefore lead to pregnancy.

    Whether or not a pregnancy results from making out largely depends on semen reaching the vicinity of the vaginal area.

    Our counselors can confirm that any concern about a possible pregnancy after making out usually subsides because conception did not occur.

    Your concern could become a catalyst for a conversation with your partner/boyfriend about having kids. This would be an opportunity to discuss whether you want children and how you would deal with an unplanned pregnancy.

    Can You Get Pregnant from Pre-Cum While Making Out?

    During male arousal, pre-ejaculate (aka, pre-cum) is released, which can contain sperm cells. Since even a single sperm cell is sufficient to fertilize the egg, a pregnancy could occur without cum, although this is highly unlikely. So, ejaculation is not a prerequisite for sperm to reach the egg.

    ℹ️ For more information, go to Can You Get Pregnant from Pre-Cum?

    While the exact statistics are unknown, we must acknowledge that pregnancy from pre-cum is possible.

        If unsure whether you could be pregnant, take a home pregnancy test.

        Pregnant Though Fingering or Anal Sex?

        Knowing the facts about sperm will clarify whether or not you can get pregnant from fingering or anal sex.

        • As soon as sperm comes into contact with air, rather than the vagina, the sperm cells shrivel up. They cannot be revived in any kind of liquid.
        • Sperm can not live in bath water or swimming pools. They can neither survive temperatures greater than 40 degrees Celsius/104 degrees Fahrenheit, nor tolerate the water’s pH level.
        • Dry sex, i.e., sexual arousal through rubbing against each other while wearing clothes, does not lead to pregnancy. It is impossible for sperm cells to move on skin, unaided by cervical mucous. Therefor, they cannot travel toward the vaginal entrance on their own. In addition, any kind of fabric (e.g. underwear) forms a barrier in which sperm cells are likely to be caught and shrivel up.
        • However, fingering could bring semen into contact with cervical mucus, making conception possible.

        Conclusion: For a pregnancy to become possible, fresh sperm has to enter the vagina. This must take place during the woman's fertile window for the woman to be able to conceive.

            Pregnant from Making Out
            Pregnant from Making Out

            Unplanned Pregnancy Without Sex – Helpful Considerations

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            "I can't think about anything else: Am I pregnant? What should I do if I were pregnant? About me: I am 18 and am spending a gap year abroad. This is where I got to know someone, and we have been physically close - without actually having sex. I am still a virgin. But I am still afraid that something could have happened. (...) The last couple of days I have felt a tightening in my abdomen, similar to period pain..."

            This experience was shared (in German) on profemina's open forum.

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