The Audacious

The Audacious

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The Audacious is a captivating individual. She knows what she wants, sets goals for herself and amazes those around her with the fact that she always seems to achieve them. The Audacious is charismatic and impresses her friends and acquaintances with her drive.

The Audacious is self-confident and enjoys solving problems. She has determination, inspiring those around her. The Audacious is a born leader, be it among her friends, in her workplace or in her family.

Admirable and Powerful

Some may find the Audacious’ energy somewhat intimidating — but the Audacious rarely dwells on what others think of her. What matters to her is that she is comfortable in her own skin. This can sometimes offend others, but they are also equally fascinated by the Audacious’ charisma.

A woman with this personality type can handle other people's opinions well, just as long as they are rational and well thought out. The Audacious is often a particularly clever individual who can transform her knowledge into concrete actions and plans.

Challenges Exist So That We Can Grow

The Audacious’ numerous skills can be especially beneficial now during pregnancy — as she is usually one step ahead of everyone else. She is efficient and able to use her intellect to excel: Where is the best maternity clinic? What is the best and cheapest baby crib? While other pregnant women are still figuring things out, the Audacious has already evaluated, planned and implemented everything.

The Audacious demands a lot from the people around her, but she expects the most from herself. She generally loves challenges — which pregnancy and raising children very well can be.

She sees potential, abilities and possibilities in her children that others wouldn't notice. She discovers their talents and nurtures them — but usually also demands their cooperation. That's why a mother with the Audacious personality type is sometimes deemed to be strict, but only because she is strictest with herself first.

A Protector Who Can Also Be Soft Sometimes

The Audacious shines in adversity. She protects her loved ones against all adverse circumstances and ensures that danger is always averted. She is quick to defend her children against harm.

Experiencing her child’s love will be a radically new experience for the Audacious, developing and rounding out her personality. Sometimes it is rather difficult for her to understand the emotional aspects of a problem, so this pregnancy can be an opportunity to discover a more emotional side of herself. Despite all her audacity, even the Audacious need a hug from time to time.

This is all the more true when certain situations surrounding the pregnancy become a cause for concern… Things may be a little off in the relationship with her partner. Financial problems may become an issue. Despite all her confidence, the Audacious may start wondering whether she can cope with it all and if she is really cut out for such a task. In addition to the literal hug that she would hopefully receive from someone in her tight circle of loved ones, she can also open herself up to be embraced in a figurative sense — for example, through competent and insightful pregnancy counseling.

Easier Than Expected?

Especially now during pregnancy, the Audacious can take a step back and take a deep breath. She often puts herself under a lot of pressure, but now she can slow down and relax a bit — besides, the Audacious usually has everything perfectly organized and executed anyway.

Despite all her perfectionism, this time can be an invitation to take a more relaxed view on things, even if it might be hard to do. When her child looks up and smiles at her with food all on their face, even the Audacious can come to realize that things are easier than they seem. And this is what molds her into a wonderful mother for her children.

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