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The Pregnancy Week Calculator

Thinking that you might be pregnant? Wondering how far along you are? Want to know whether it is too soon to take a pregnancy test?

Or perhaps you have already taken a pregnancy test but have yet to see your doctor and find out how many weeks pregnant you are.

Using our Online Pregnancy Tracker, you will find out your tentative current week of pregnancy. You will also know whether a pregnancy test would show reliable results yet.

How the Pregnancy Tracker works:

  • 🩸Provide the first day of your last menstrual period (LMP).
  • 🤰You will receive an immediate approximate calculation of your current pregnancy week — should you be pregnant.
  • 📅 You can also learn more about the physical changes that are about to take place in you and the baby. We will give you the date for each of your pregnancy weeks.
How do you feel about the pregnancy?

🤰🏻 If unsure whether you are pregnant, take our Online Pregnancy Test!

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