Pregnant – What Benefits Can I Claim?

Pregnant – What Benefits Can I Claim?

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Financial Help for Pregnant Women and Families

  • Public Assistance is available to pregnant women/mothers.
  • Some benefits are general and can be claimed by all; other aid is provided under specific circumstances.
  • Raising a child is a valuable service to society but is not without financial sacrifice. Therefore, the government provides financial relief to single mothers and families whose income often decreases while their expenses increase.

Do you want to know what to apply for and where to go? This article gives an overview of financial help provided by your local government.

Benefits Guide

Click on your country in the chart below. This is your benefits guide, categorized in alphabetical order. Each financial help is briefly described, and amounts are posted where applicable. Each link leads to an external site allowing you to apply.

ℹ️ Note! While profemina reviews the following information annually, we cannot guarantee its accuracy.

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Questions or Concerns?

Perhaps you are looking at this page because you are pregnant and struggling financially. Maybe you are pregnant and broke and wondering whether having a baby is financially feasible. Hopefully, the information provided in this article addressed many of your financial concerns.

Do your questions go beyond financial cares? Many women deal with multiple layers of worries, and we want to ensure that each one is addressed. They matter because you matter!

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