The Benevolent

The Benevolent

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The Benevolent is capable of strong deep feelings. She likes to stand up for what she believes.

She seeks to be understood by others. When she feels their emotional support, she can best reach her potential — by being creative and building something of value.

Dedicated to Doing Good

The Benevolent is a seeker of all things good, true, and beautiful. Her approach to attaining these is intuitive rather than rational. When she thrives, she spreads warmth and confidence. Doing what is good and just is very important to her. She wants to act according to the values she has identified as right.

The Benevolent is particularly good at concentrating her focus on a few people and things that matter to her. She also finds it easy to pace herself rather than tackle everything at once. She wants to invest her time and energy in something she considers worthwhile.

"Pregnant...How do I feel about it?"

The Benevolent's response to the (unintended) pregnancy may be affected by her goals. How do pregnancy and parenthood fit within her life plans. Was this an important goal that was finally realized, or was pregnancy not a priority right now?

Her feelings about the pregnancy are also affected by her situation: Does she feel left to fend for herself, or does she have people by her side who would support her through the ups and downs of pregnancy?

The Benevolent Mom

The Benevolent may immediately recognize both positive and negative aspects of pregnancy: She generally values intimate, trusting relationships, which is precisely what awaits her by having a child of her own.

However, it is also possible that she had wanted to direct her focus — at present or in general — to something other than parenthood. In this case, her inherent tendency not to want to take on too much at once may also create an uneasy feeling.

Once the Benevolent has acceded to being a mother, whether out of an initial intuition or after gradually warming up to the idea, she will most likely “hit the ground running" as a loving, reliable and fully committed mom.

Amid her concerns and doubts in early pregnancy, the Benevolent has a considerable asset – her trusting and stable relationships with those who care about her.

💚 Where Do I Go from Here?

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