The Determined

The Determined

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The Determined knows what she wants — and is not afraid to say it. She stands up for what matters to her and tries to convince those around her of its importance as well.

Especially while being pregnant, it can help the Determined to embrace how extraordinary she is and to see it as a resource for becoming an exceptional mother.

The Opposite of Boring...

...because the Determined personality type is quite unique. Life never gets boring with a Determined woman; she is always gushing with new ideas and projects. She is creative and usually has her own opinion on things, which she enjoys expressing — and her friends appreciate her exuberant way of seeing things quite differently.

During pregnancy, the Determined usually manages to quickly adapt to the new situation and to take things as they come. She takes pleasure in understanding her new circumstance. To her, pregnancy is an adventure waiting to be explored.

If the Pregnancy Becomes a Challenge

Even the most experienced mountaineer can reach a point where she questions whether the mountain ahead can really be conquered...

Sometimes it takes a special “power boost" from her backpack to get her over the summit. People who understand the Determined’s exceptional and unique nature and don't abandon her in this situation can be such "power boosts," especially when it comes to problems with the pregnancy.

The Determined sometimes finds it difficult to balance her idea of pregnancy and motherhood with that of those around her. Many things that her friends and acquaintances consider natural are difficult for the Determined — and vice versa. That’s when she can choose to accept herself just the way she is and determine her own way of doing things.

Don't Lose Heart!

As a mother, the Determined will accept her children just the way they are but will also give them room to grow. The Determined mother protects her child without imposing her self-image on them.

The Determined mother handles difficult situations well. She sees problems as challenges to be overcome. That's why, even during pregnancy, she considers no situation hopeless. Rather, every situation is just waiting to be turned into an opportunity.

Rather than losing heart when the winds are against her during pregnancy, the Determined will go in search of innovative solutions that are right for her.

💚 How Do I Determine a Way Forward?

Perhaps you are currently faced with the question of how to proceed with the pregnancy. Your mind is probably racing as you contemplate whether you should have an abortion or keep the baby.
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