The Encourager

The Encourager

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The Encourager is a cheerful and popular individual who likes to do good - especially by her family and friends. Making other people happy gives her a sense of fulfillment.

When pregnant, it is important that the Encourager takes good care of herself and, above all, stays true to her own values rather than focusing too much on others' opinions.

Good Company

The Encourager enjoys being around other people — both at work and in her personal life. She is good at organizing social gatherings and is an attentive host to everyone. She feels comfortable in groups, is outgoing and finds it easy to meet new people.

A woman with the Encourager personality type respects hierarchies and structures. Her values are based on the tried and true. Moreover, it is important to her to be recognized. She thrives on positive feedback and often takes criticism very seriously. Therefore, she tends to conform in order to be accepted by her social group.

At work, she is diligent and has no problem completing routine tasks — as long as the social environment at work is a good fit for her.

The Encourager likes to live for others. She is committed to the common good and to projects that serve a good cause. Harmony is important to her and she invests a lot of effort in avoiding conflict. In any social setting, her friendliness keeps tensions at bay, ensuring that everyone is at ease and gets along well with one another.

During Pregnancy

Encouragers, being caring individuals, are generally quite confident that they would be good mothers — and they have every reason to be!

However, because the Encourager likes to plan and is fond of structures and rules, an unintended pregnancy can be quite unsettling for them. Especially if the partner or other loved ones don’t have a positive reaction to the pregnancy, it can turn into a real stressful situation.

At the beginning of pregnancy in particular, it is advisable for the Encourager to connect with sympathetic people who are supportive and care about her. This would make it easier for her to adjust and grow into this new situation.

Perhaps the biggest challenge of all can be when other people don't approve of the pregnancy. In this case, it can help if the Encourager keeps her focus on the good aspects of the situation: the fulfilling task and responsibility of caring for a brand new person.

The Encourager as a Mother

The Encourager mother creates a home full of love and protection. She is a natural in providing her children with comfort and a safe haven. Every day life is calm because of the Encourager’s ability to master situations in a proficient and structured manner.

Simultaneously, she teaches her children social skills simply by example. Children can discuss anything with their Encourager mother and know they are well cared for and loved — no matter what trouble they have gotten themselves into 😉.

Not only during pregnancy, but also throughout motherhood, the Encourager should remember to treat herself every once in a while: by spending time with loved ones, doing something she enjoys and pampering herself (and not just others) every now and then.

💚 How Do I Determine a Way Forward?

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