The Entertainer

The Entertainer

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The Entertainer has a sparkling personality and is very popular. She adds zest to any group, radiates charm, and spreads good cheer.

During pregnancy, it can be helpful for her to reach out to her circle of friends for support and encouragement.

Where the Action Is

The Entertainer is most comfortable in a group of fun, loving people. She is popular and always a pleasure to be around. The Entertainer doesn’t just stay on a superficial level but is also a good listener. Due to her keen intuition and attention to detail, others feel appreciated and seen.

A woman with an Entertainer personality type is curious and always interested in using all her senses to experience and discover new things. The sensory world is her home. She has style and an eye for aesthetics; she likes to surround herself with beautiful things and enjoys the moment without giving much thought to the future.

The Entertainer has a large network of friends and acquaintances and knows that she can rely on them in an emergency. She is generous and openminded towards herself and others. She takes things and people as they are — and finds it interesting to learn about other ways of life and thought patterns.

The Entertainer During Pregnancy

During pregnancy, an Entertainer could become concerned that having a baby may mean fewer opportunities to hang out with friends. Naturally, this perspective can cause great anxiety. But at the same time, the Entertainer is so well connected with others that this usually turns out to be a moot concern— there will always be someone who is happy to spend time with her and her child. Also, the Entertainer would not hesitate to bring her child with her wherever the action is.

It is crucial for a pregnant Entertainer to stay in close communication with her loved ones during her pregnancy. Discussing uncertainties and possible concerns with others and asking for support can make a huge difference.

To better wrap her mind around this new situation, the Entertainer may find it helpful to approach the topic of pregnancy and children in a very practical and tangible way: going shopping for baby items, building a baby crib, or knitting her first pair of baby booties.

Above all, the Entertainer can do the things she enjoys, even and especially during pregnancy: spending lots of time with friends, enjoying a good meal, using maternity fashion to discover a whole new style for herself, and allowing herself to be pampered.

“My Mom Is the Coolest”

As a mother, the Entertainer is very relaxed with her kids. She isn’t taken by surprise very easily. She loves to have fun with her child. Thanks to her practical skills, she has no problem managing everyday life — especially if she has someone by her side to keep an eye on the financial budget and other responsibilities.

The Entertainer mother has the ability to rediscover the world with her children and gives them all the space they need to learn by experience. Her children love spending time and sharing many wonderful moments with their affectionate and fun-loving mom.

💚 How Do I Determine a Way Forward?

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