The Enthusiast

The Enthusiast

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A woman with the Enthusiast personality type is upbeat; when she believes in something, she bursts with energy and exudes optimism. In a relaxed atmosphere, she feels comfortable expressing her love for life.

In the case of a (surprise) pregnancy, the Enthusiast’s greatest need consists of having a clear picture of what lies ahead. As soon as she sees things in a positive light, she can embrace whatever the future holds. 


The Enthusiast generally has an open and cheerful nature. She likes socializing and is also intrigued by people of different opinions or temperaments. She does not hold back her thoughts and feelings or from relating her experiences, and strives to get to know and understand others.

As a friend and partner, she knows how to make others comfortable in opening up and being themselves. When hanging out with an Enthusiast, there’s no need to feel embarrassed. She is very understanding with the people she likes and doesn't hold grudges for long after an argument. However, she doesn't do well with rejection and withdrawal of love and affection. 

Pregnancy: Euphoria or Challenge?

If she becomes (unintendedly) pregnant, the Enthusiast may initially wonder if her friend group and family can handle this new development and whether they have her back. The practical support of an understanding and dedicated partner is a significant part of her safety net.

But if such support is lacking, pregnancy could be challenging for the Enthusiast. 

The Enthusiast Mom

Before an Enthusiast can commit to a project with enthusiasm and dedication, she must have a specific goal. With this clear goal in mind, she becomes a powerhouse, astonishing everyone around her.

As a mother, she will teach her child to have a positive outlook on life as well as confidence and joy in what is good and beautiful — passing her enthusiasm on to her children. 

Together, Not Alone

As a tip specifically geared towards Enthusiasts, we encourage you to get help and support when and where you need it. This could include medical care, pregnancy counseling, or surrounding yourself with loving people who carry you through the challenges of pregnancy.

Once you have found your bearings, you will be able to enjoy this adventure known as pregnancy.

💚 How Do I Determine a Way Forward?

Perhaps you are currently faced with the question of how to proceed with the pregnancy. Your mind is probably racing as you contemplate whether you should have an abortion or keep the baby.
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