The Executive

The Executive

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The Executive has a down-to-earth, straightforward, and likable personality. She is independent-minded, sociable, and a natural organizer.

The Executive personality type is goal oriented and rarely relies on support from others. She likes to tackle things on her own and usually has ambitious goals for her own life.

Relationships for Life

The Executive is open-minded and outgoing. She can be a bit stubborn, though, when it comes to her own opinions, but is also able to address conflicts — which can sometimes make her seem a bit harsh.

She typically has several very good friends who cherish loyalty and have shared values. These friendships are built on reliability and the desire to invest in one another, ensuring that their powerful bonds will stand the test of time.

The Executive has an exceptional relationship with her partner. Honesty and commitment are important components to her in this relationship. If the partner is willing to fully commit to her, a stable relationship is assured.

Sometimes Things Don’t Turn Out as Expected..

For an Executive, an unintended pregnancy can initially be difficult. She is generally not very spontaneous and prefers to plan ahead. Therefore, she needs time to come to terms with the unexpected situation and for it to grow on her.

The Executive might also find it very disheartening if her partner doesn’t respond as positively to the pregnancy at first as she would like him to — or if something else renders the pregnancy to be "chaotic" in one way or another. At this particular moment, she might need someone reliable and confident by her side. In such a situation, it can also be very helpful for the Executive to give herself some time until things smooth out again.

In any case, she can look forward to preparing and organizing everything down to the smallest detail in anticipation of her child being born. After all, the Executive doesn't abandon tasks simply because they become difficult or boring. Her determination will help her through this difficult time.

Power Mom

The Executive mother demonstrates her love for her children by teaching them responsibility. She is a loving and persistent mother who would do anything for her children. She may appear a bit stern in some situations, but she is reliable and very committed to her children.

Although the Executive demands a lot from herself and has high standards, this is a time for her to accept the support of loved ones, allowing her pregnancy and life with a child to be an exceptional experience.

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