The Guardian

The Guardian

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The Guardian is someone who likes to make progress and get things done. She pursues specific goals and has a particular gift in helping others and providing them with a measure of safety and security. However, because of this tendency to devote herself to others so much, she needs to remind herself to be mindful of her own well-being as well.

Gentle Nature and Fighting Spirit

The Guardian combines great determination and a fighting spirit with a relatively calm way of communicating with the outside world. She is pleasant in her presentation, but firm in her decisions. This very skill of articulating herself in such a gentle manner can be a considerable advantage for defusing conflicts in friendships and relationships.

“Where do we go from here?“ The Guardian answers this question with ease. She also finds it easy to be there for the people she cares about — and to help them overcome their problems.

Pregnant - Now What?

Pregnancy can trigger both joy and anxiety in the Guardian - this may depend on whether the pregnancy was planned or not. Her elation about the pregnancy, may stem from the fact that she inherently likes caring for and protecting others.

However, it is also possible for her to be overcome by worry when thinking about the pregnancy. As a personality type who is more of a planner, a pregnancy at the "wrong" time, for example, might present a challenge that she doesn't initially feel up to. The Guardian may also feel torn if she longs to have the baby, but her partner doesn't approve of the pregnancy. Her desire is to make everyone happy.

It can be difficult for the Guardian to consciously take care of herself and ensure that her personality and aspirations aren't pushed to the side. Therefore, in the case of an (unintended) pregnancy, it may be especially important for her to be aware of her convictions and to act accordingly. Only then will she be able to easily tackle any challenge that comes her way.

The Guardian Mother

Since she is an empathetic person with deep, intimate relationships, a child will feel safe and loved with their Guardian mother. The Guardian will patiently address her children's fears and problems and use her innate creativity to find solutions.

While being a loving presence, the Guardian gives her children all the freedom they need to develop into independent individuals. She loves to walk alongside her children, caring for them as they grow and learn from her.

💚 Where Do I Go from Here?

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