The Influencer

The Influencer

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The Influencer knows herself and her strengths well and is usually at peace with who she is. She inspires others, which is why many willingly open up to being convinced and guided by her.

Always on the Job

Other people put a lot of weight on the Influencer’s opinions and like to "latch on" to her.

The Influencer is more courageous than fearful, spares little effort for a good cause, and isn't afraid to stand up for what's important to her. She usually comes across as honest, which others are attracted to.

The Influencer knows herself well and consequently is seen as very put together. She also likes to stand up for others and does so vigorously. Occasionally, she may even have to reevaluate how much energy she invests in her commitments to people and causes, to ensure what is appropriate and beneficial for her in the long run. 

Confident Even in Pregnancy?

The pregnancy may immediately spark joy in the Influencer since she generally enjoys being there for others and helping them — which is the case when expecting a baby who will need their mama to take care of them.

In addition to possible external factors, such as relationship problems or inconvenient timing, her self-awareness may also make the Influencer hesitant to venture into parenthood. She is acutely aware of the weaknesses she would need to work on as a mom. It is also likely that her passion for making significant commitments may make the Influencer struggle with the thought of possibly having less time for a specific project she had intended to pursue…  

More Personal Than Ever

It isn't hard to imagine the Influencer as a good mother. She offers everything a child needs to feel safe and well taken care of: a confident attitude, the willingness to take responsibility, the ability to help solve problems, and the capacity to encourage others and support them in their growth. Combining these qualities with the thoughtfulness to give her children enough space to create their own experiences, the Influencer lays a beautiful foundation for them.

The Influencer is used to showing her confident and successful side. Because of this, pregnancy may initially seem like a difficult and unusual challenge to her. After all, this is more personal, intimate, and perhaps more of a commitment than the other "projects" the Influencer is used to.

Paying close attention to her thoughts and feelings will help the Influencer deal with concerns and doubts. Once these are addressed, she will be able to enter into this new experience with greater intentionality.

💚 How Do I Determine a Way Forward?

Perhaps you are currently faced with the question of how to proceed with the pregnancy. Your mind is probably racing as you contemplate whether you should have an abortion or keep the baby.
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