The Mysterious

The Mysterious

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The Mysterious is a fascinating individual. She has her very own perspective on the world, but doesn't necessarily share it with everyone.

"Still waters run deep.” The Mysterious is such a profound person — and whoever gets to know her will discover a very special personality.

Quality over Quantity, Candlelight over Spotlight

The Mysterious is a relatively rare personality type. She is a clever individualist whose thoughts are sometimes way over others’ heads.

She is curious and bursting with clever ideas. She often keeps these ideas to herself, though, and rarely uses them to be the center of attention. The Mysterious feels more comfortable in a familiar, even intimate, setting and therefore shuns the limelight and seeks few, but dependable friendships and relationships.

The Mysterious is not at all naïve; she knows how this world works. She sets clear goals and usually achieves them. Sometimes, however, she has difficulty correctly assessing and predicting the behavior of those around her.

The Mysterious avoids the superficial and the trivial. She tends to know what really matters — and sometimes finds shallow conversations tiring.

A Thirst for Knowledge – Also During Pregnancy

During pregnancy, many of her qualities come in handy. The Mysterious loves to take on challenges and solve them in a reasonable fashion. She is curious - and what could be more exciting than bringing her own child into the world?

The Mysterious wants to know how everything works and quickly gathers as much information as she can on various topics - including pregnancy, birth and parenting.

The Mysterious values privacy over publicity and, especially now during pregnancy and then later with her newborn, she would prefer to spend her time in seclusion with her family. She will create a home for her child where both of them can feel completely at ease.

As a mother, the Mysterious will find it easy to figure out what is good for her children. She will raise them to become independent and intelligent people.

A Mom Like No Other

Sometimes the Mysterious finds it difficult to understand other people’s feelings. Her focus is more on thoughts than emotions. Mothering can therefore be emotionally challenging at times.

Oftentimes, motherhood is portrayed as something that mainly involves strong feelings and overflowing emotions. The Mysterious might then ask herself, "Am I right for this?" And yes, she is! This world needs moms who can keep their cool when necessary. Just as one child is different from the other, so is it also with their mothers.

Pregnancy can be a time when the Mysterious discovers an emotional side of herself that she hadn't noticed before.

If the Pregnancy Is Difficult…

What if the Mysterious struggles with the pregnancy? Even then, it is important for her to remain true to herself as she wrestles with making the right decision.

The Mysterious isn't afraid to think for herself and find her own path; this can be advantageous if the timing or other circumstances of the pregnancy aren't "normal" or “ideal.” Sharing her possibly quite "unconventional" thoughts in an unprejudiced atmosphere may help her find her own individual path. Therefore, pregnancy counseling may be of benefit to her. Here, she may feel safe enough to express her fear and sadness.

The Mysterious loves perfection and when everything runs like clockwork. But occasionally, both during pregnancy and as a mother, it will not be possible to do everything perfectly. This is an opportunity for the Mysterious to accept these imperfect moments where things don’t work out exactly as planned.

The Mysterious will do well as a mom, because she is a fascinating person who is able to think outside the box. This is a huge gift to pass on to her child.

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