The Optimist

The Optimist

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The Optimist loves to discover new things — including things about herself. In doing so, she doesn't adhere to external rules or laws, but follows her own intuition.

During pregnancy, it is advisable for the Optimist to take time for herself in order to unpack and discover this new take on life.

Living on the Edge

With her unlimited creativity, a woman of the Optimist personality type can often be found in artistic or innovative lines of work. Her outflow of ideas originates from deep within herself, which she always stays true to. And yet she is anything but rigid in her principles and beliefs — on the contrary, the Optimist likes to reinvent herself again and again.

Because she greatly enjoys testing her limits, the Optimist takes risks that others would sometimes rather avoid. At the same time, she has an eye for what the moment calls for and is willing to get her hands dirty. Although she is has many abilities and talents, the Optimist is humble and accomplishes great things with an equal amount of ease.

With a tendency to be introverted, the Optimist often surprises those around her with what she does — so it never gets boring with her.

The Adventure of Pregnancy

Planning for the future can be a big challenge for the Optimist. This makes it easier for her to embrace an unintended pregnancy and simply allow things to come as they may. Her remarkable spontaneity makes her able to master the unexpected more easily.

The Optimist needs to remember to take enough time for herself during her pregnancy. Taking a walk outside or spending quality time alone or with her partner can rejuvenate her. Additionally, these times give her the opportunity to discover new sides of herself that are brought out by the pregnancy.

Since harmony is very important to the Optimist, it can be very challenging for her if her partner or family aren't initially enthusiastic about her pregnancy. In this case, she can be at peace with the situation by making sure her choices line up with her values and intuitions. This will create the harmony she longs for in the long run, as well as open up completely new perspectives.

The Optimistic Mother

Optimists are caring mothers who use their natural warmth to give their children a sense of comfort and security. The children of an Optimist will probably never get bored. Together with their mother, they will discover the whole wide world — especially nature — and always come up with creative ideas on how to turn even a rainy day into an adventure.

The Optimist is able to create a harmonious home for her family, where fun and action are never lacking.

💚 How Do I Determine a Way Forward?

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