The Philosopher

The Philosopher

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The Philosopher is an impressive and extraordinary individual. She is a deep thinker, and her mind never rests. She is aware of the complexity of the world and likes to lose herself in thought. She is kind and open-minded and constantly strives to make sense of her world. 

A Rare Gem

The Philosopher personality type is relatively rare. She loves to think, develop theories, and then repeatedly reformulate them, seeking explanations for everything. She usually doesn’t use her intellect to impress others or to become the center of attention. She isn’t interested in debating or giving speeches — it’s the knowledge itself that intrigues her, filling her imagination. Since people are not her main focus, the Philosopher can sometimes seem shy.

The Philosopher avoids big crowds and large groups, where she rarely finds an intellectual match. Instead, she maintains the company of a few good friends, where she feels known and accepted, even if no one tracks with her.

A woman of this personality type regularly needs time to herself to read, explore, and contemplate. These times of seclusion are crucial for the Philosopher, allowing her to gain a better understanding of a particular topic and the possibility of reinventing herself.

The Love and Understanding of a Mother

The Philosopher is an exceptional mother. She loves her children and delights in helping them understand the world from day one. Considering the Philosopher is constantly growing mentally, she is open-minded — even as a mother. She usually doesn't impose rigid expectations or rules on her children but instead tries to instill some of her curiosity in them. Her children are given the freedom to have a mind of their own, secure in their mother's love and support.

The Philosopher loves responding to her children's questions. "Why is that?” or "How does that work?" These are questions the Philosopher is willing to spend hours examining — she never grows tired of exploring the world with her child. Her children are constantly learning from her.

Sometimes, however, the Philosopher struggles to understand the emotional side of a question since she usually focuses on the rational aspects of a problem. This pregnancy provides the Philosopher with the opportunity to discover the emotional facets of her personality. 

Pregnancy and Motherhood: "Can I handle it?"

For a woman with the Philosopher personality type, routine tasks and deadlines can sometimes be a difficult concept. She struggles to let go of her desire to be perfect. Obviously, pregnancy comes with a definite deadline. Understandably, this can be a source of anxiety for the Philosopher — especially if the pregnancy was unintended or if hardships arise through unforeseen circumstances, causing doubts to arise about whether to keep the baby.

This may be an excellent time to seek counsel. Fear of failure need not remain the predominant feeling — especially since the Philosopher will soon come to experience how she and her child become a perfect team.

Typically, the Philosopher is more comfortable in a private setting. Her pregnancy and the early days of bonding provide a time to retreat from the hustle and bustle of everyday life — into the comfort of motherhood. Since the Philosopher excels in giving her children the freedom and love they need, she will emerge as an exceptional mother.

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