The Versatile

The Versatile

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The Versatile is an open-minded, multi-talented personality who loves to explore her surroundings. She is a natural doer who enjoys sharing her experiences with others.

During pregnancy, she can rely on her creativity and spontaneity to help her overcome any challenge that comes her way.

Quiet Observer — Active Helper

Typically, the Versatile is rather reserved. Due to her broad-minded nature, she impartially observes all the details in her environment and watches how things work.

She enjoys taking on many tasks and discreetly caring for her friends and partner. The Versatile is more interested in the practical side of an issue rather than in theoretical questions. Therefore, she prefers action to conversation and is most likely to open up when working with others to solve a problem.

Practical and Open-Minded

The Versatile values and needs unrestricted space in order to be spontaneous and thrive. She is friendly and usually gets along well with others. If she feels she can be her active and free self around others, she will share her love of life with them.

In a relationship, the Versatile will often challenge her partner to learn new skills. She is good at addressing her partner's immediate needs, but sometimes a little less adept at handling emotions. Don't expect vibrant speeches or romantic advances from the Versatile — she excels in other areas instead.

The Versatile prefers not to get upset about things she can't change but would much rather focus on where she can make a difference. She focuses on facts instead of pipe dreams. As a result, she worries less than other personality types.

When Pregnancy Causes Concern

During the pregnancy, the Versatile may nevertheless be subject to certain worries. Since she enjoys freedom, she might be concerned that this will be stifled by motherhood — especially if she were to receive little outside help during this new season of life.

Or perhaps her partner doesn't share the Versatile’s practical, hands-on approach to pregnancy and is generally a bit more pessimistic and reserved regarding the pregnancy. In light of this attitude, the Versatile may also start to have doubts in regards to the pregnancy.

Those around her who trust in her strengths and remind her of this can therefore be very helpful and important for the Versatile, especially during this time.

A Picture-Perfect Mom

The Versatile is a generous and supportive mother. Once her children develop their motor skills, the Versatile likes to lend a hand. She gives them the necessary freedom and opportunities to do what they want — as long as they don't cross certain boundaries.

The Versatile would never force her own opinion on her children. As a mother, she sometimes struggles with finding the right words to say. She is a doer — not a "chatterbox."

The Versatile is often spontaneous and knows how to properly utilize this spontaneity. She is good at setting priorities — a useful skill to have during pregnancy. Her optimistic nature enables her to cope with even major conflicts much more easily than others would. By choosing joy she is always able to put a smile on her child's face. The Versatile is the kind of mother you can only wish for as a child.

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