Abortion Pill at the Pharmacy? Over the Counter Abortion Pill

Over the Counter Abortion Pill

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Can You Get the Abortion Pill at CVS?

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  • Recently CVS and Walgreens started dispensing the abortion pill. While this may seem like a simple way to obtain abortion pills, specific criteria must be met.
  • Mifeprex abortion pills will be by prescription only, as are all other abortion medications.
  • Only states where abortion is legal will allow pharmacies to distribute the abortion pill.

Should I Take the Abortion Pill? — Quiz

Is the abortion pill right for me? How does Mifeprex® work? Where can you get it? What is a medical abortion like? If you want to know what to expect when taking Plan C pills and are wondering whether this is the right path for you, take this quiz and receive an immediate evaluation!

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Can I Get the Abortion Pill at the Pharmacy?

Not all states allow the abortion pill to be dispensed by pharmacies. Women's health and safety concerns are paramount in deciding how the abortion pill should be regulated.

Walgreens and CVS started offering the abortion pill in March 2024. For now, CVS is limiting this service to select stores in Massachusetts and Rhode Island. Walgreens is making the abortion pill available at select stores in California, Illinois, Massachusetts, New York, and Pennsylvania.
In all other states where abortion is legal, pills must be collected at the abortion clinic or received by mail.
Some countries, such as Australia and Canada, already allow the abortion pill to be dispensed at pharmacies. This increasing anonymity must be counterbalanced by assuring that good counsel is available where questions and concerns can be sufficiently addressed.

  • For more information on the abortion pill by post in your country, go to Tele-Abortion.

Do I Need a Prescription to Get the Abortion Pill?

Once a pharmacy is certified to provide the abortion pill, they can dispense it only on prescription. The abortion pill is heavily regulated because of the strain it places on the woman's body and the risks involved, such as heavy blood loss and incomplete abortion. Therefore, a doctor's supervision is necessary to avoid serious complications.

We frequently receive feedback from women who had not anticipated teh emotional effects of abortion. They felt anxious and very alone.

Is the Abortion Pill Available on Prescription in My State (USA)?

Only pharmacies located in US states where abortion is legal will be able to distribute the abortion pill.

The abortion pill can now be obtained by prescription at select Walgreens pharmacies in California, Illinois, Massachusetts, New York, and Pennsylvania and at select CVS pharmacies in Massachusetts and Rhode Island. While CVS and Walgreens plan to expand this service to other regions, states that uphold an in-person mandate, such as Ohio are prohibitive to pharmacy options. Additionally, restrictions may apply to Alaska, Iowa, Kansas, and Montana due to decisions made by the state attorneys general.

Costs to Fill an Abortion Pill Prescription

CVS generally charges $79 to fill a prescription for the abortion pill, but prices may vary depending on the pharmaceutical company and insurance co-pays. In addition to the cost of the Plan C Pill, the online medical provider charges a fee before sending the prescription to the pharmacy.

Over the Counter Abortion Pill

No abortion medication is available without a prescription. Misoprostol, known as the over-the-counter abortion pill, is identical to the second of the medication combination commonly prescribed as the "abortion pill." It can only be obtained by prescription in Western nations. While it is available at most pharmacies for treating gastric uclers, the dosage differs from the amount used in abortions.

Using misoprostol for abortive purposes is also referred to as Cytotec abortion, since Cytotec is one of the brand names of misoprostol.

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Risks of a Cytotec Abortion

Using misoprostol for an abortion without mifepristone is less effective and more likely to cause side effects, increasing health risks and physical discomfort. According to the NY Times (03.08.2023), the need for physician intervention increases with a "miso-alone protocol."

Since Cytotec is more widely available than the abortion pill, some women consider obtaining this medication from sources other than an abortion provider.

⚠️ Any abortion without medical supervision poses a higher risk of:

  • Hemorrhaging
  • Frequently women miscalculate how far along they are, leading to a termination later than intended. The risk of serious complications, such as hemorrhaging, increases with medical abortions performed after the 10th week of pregnancy.
  • Untreated ectopic pregnancy

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