Feeling Concerned: Anticipated Emotional Effects of Abortion

Anticipated Emotional Effects of an Abortion

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What Emotions are Expected after an Abortion?

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  • Not every woman suffers after an abortion; some feel a sense of relief. Still, many women talk about their mental and emotional struggle in coming to terms with the abortion
  • Some women suffer from depression or other undesired emotional responses immediately after the abortion or later on.
  • If you are concerned about how an abortion would affect you, it is worth considering all your feelings and carefully weighing them in advance. 💚

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How Would I Feel After an Abortion?

The conflict that often accompanies an unintended pregnancy is a very intense and challenging experience for most women; they are fighting an inner battle that touches the core of their being. Many elements can factor in: her relationship, aspirations, fears, or past experiences.
These unique situations can cause her to feel conflicted, affecting her decision-making process.
Just as every woman’s lived experience is distinct, each abortion and post-abortion period is experienced differently.

In counseling, we commonly see the following scenarios play out — and some women are even familiar with both simultaneously:


Immediately following an abortion, many women feel a sense of relief. The burden of having to make such an enormous decision is gone — and many concerns have been bypassed. Initially, these women are able to cope with an abortion well and continue life as usual.

Painful Emotions

Other women regret their abortion right away. Some feel grief and sadness after the relief has worn off. Yet others seem unfazed — only to be troubled by emotional distress years later.

These painful emotions are often described as an inner void, grief, guilt, a sudden desire to have children, disappointment, vulnerability, numbness, feeling detached...

Rushed decisions are more likely to lead to regret — or when heart and mind collide, and only one side is taken into account.

The question of the emotional effects of abortion is a controversial topic in the public and scientific arena. Nonetheless, your feelings matter and should be taken into account. Every woman deserves to have her concerns addressed prior to considering an abortion or to voice her pain after an abortion. Use any support that would be helpful to you in doing so.

Potential Psychological Effects of an Abortion

An abortion can cause severe emotional distress. Some women sink into a deep, dark hole around the time of the baby’s due date. Others ruefully remember each anniversary of the abortion. A crisis can also be triggered by a pregnancy, whether a subsequent pregnancy of her own or someone else’s.

Both physical and emotional symptoms may arise — immediately following the abortion or later on. Some women bear their pain silently for years or even decades. Keeping this secret to oneself rather than confiding in someone can intensify these emotions.

Your concerns about not being able to cope with an abortion may stem from not being wholly convinced of the decision or because your heart is tugging in the opposite direction. Your concerns and emotions are relevant! They need to be considered before making a decision for the sake of your emotional well-being. Thereby, alternatives and solutions may be uncovered!

Post-Abortive Mental Health Concerns

This is how to recognize whether your abortion has led to trauma. Symptoms of post-abortion syndrome include:

  • Moodiness or depression
  • Guilt
  • Difficulty sleeping; nightmares
  • Falling into addiction
  • PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder)
  • Anxiety Disorder

Women frequently share about relationship struggles after an abortion. Having undergone an abortion for one's partner's sake puts the relationship under increased strain. In this case, post-abortion break-ups are common.

Physical Reactions to Mental Distress (Psychosomatic Reactions)

When an abortion leads to psychological stress, physical reactions are possible. Symptoms may include migraines, back pain, or increased severity of menstrual cramps.

I Am Wondering Whether I Could Cope with an Abortion

Are you pregnant and wondering what to do? If so, you are probably flooded by many thoughts, concerns, and emotions. You may feel anxious about either of the possible choices.

You are not alone! We would love to come alongside you as you navigate this difficult road. Our judgment-free resources aim to bring clarity so that you can discern the path that suits your lived experience:

Post Abortion Testimonials

Many women have contacted us at Profemina, sharing their grief over their abortions. Read what two women experienced:

"... I had an abortion… and now I deeply regret it. I long to have a baby more than ever before... what I did tears my heart into a thousand pieces... I am constantly thinking about how far along I would be, boy or girl ... my partner is trying to comfort me, but he doesn't really get it..."

“...I can’t stop thinking that I should have kept the baby and that everything would have worked out. It would not have been easy, but it would have also been wonderful... I should have taken more time to decide… I wish I could make it all undone. This was not what I really wanted, not my choice. My path would have included the baby. All of a sudden it has become clear to me that it would have been good to keep the baby, and I am unsure whether I will ever get over it. It hurts so badly. I want my baby back.”

We want you to make a decision you will feel good about in the long term. You are worth it!

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