Pregnancy and Mental Health

Pregnancy and Mental Health

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Coping With Mental Health Issues During Pregnancy

  • Many women struggle now and then with feeling mentally drained and emotionally stressed.

  • Pregnancy places an exceptional strain on you physically and emotionally, which may create an additional drain on your emotional resources.

  • Once you receive sufficient support, are kind to yourself, and have an awareness of your strengths, you will recognize what path is right for you.

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Emotionally Drained… and Expecting

You may have gone through a lot recently and have had more on your plate than usual. Or perhaps you feel as if you lost all joy in life.

So far you have been doing okay, without resorting to medication or counseling, but you are close to the end of your rope.

Or maybe you have had a mental health diagnosis for a while.

Are you intuitive about the feelings of others? You easily sense what they are going through and bear some of their burdens? This can lead to exhaustion, causing you not to feel like yourself.

And now that you are pregnant, it is only natural for concerns and anxiety to arise. The information in this article is for your encouragement, providing you with ideas on how to deal with this new situation.

Pregnancy — a “State of Emergency”

A pregnancy may deeply impact your intuitions and upset your emotional balance. Concern and elation can continually alternate. This teeter-totter of emotions in early pregnancy is mainly caused by hormones. It is completely normal. The changes in hormone levels can lead to tiredness and nausea, as well as a lack of joy and rumination.

👍 Fortunately this usually only lasts a few weeks.

This emotional roller coaster can be particularly challenging for women who are easily feel out of kilter — especially if the pregnancy had been unintended.

⛅️ You may be experiencing antepartum depression. If you are going through a dark valley which seems to know no end, you might find it helpful to read Depression During Pregnancy – Causes and Solutions.

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📗 Tip:

Symptoms of Emotional Stress

Oftentimes feelings of emotional stress predate the pregnancy.

  • Emotions are usually a good gauge for distress: feeling down, anxious, or overwhelmed.

  • You may& have received a medical diagnosis, such as depression, anxiety disorder, substance abuse disorder, or borderline personality disorder.

ℹ️ Since pregnancy is an emotionally and physically intense experience, it may cause symptoms to worsen. However, the opposite reaction is also possible. Some women draw new strength from their pregnancy, resulting in an improvement of their mental state.

🌤 Things to do to get you out of the funk. Jump to our 5 mental health tips!

Taking Antidepressants During Pregnancy

You may be wondering whether you need to stop taking antidepressants, now that you are pregnant. You may also fear that your medication could have harmed the baby.

Most types of antidepressants do not have an adverse effect on the baby. Ask your psychologist or gynecologist about continuing your medication. On rare occasions it may be necessary to switch to another antidepressant.

🧑 Do not quit your medication without consulting your doctor, as this may cause your symptoms to worsen. Your medical provider will help you decide what is best for you and the baby.

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Abortion for Mental Health Reasons?

A diagnosis of depression can be worrisome. Many women have concerns about being the caregiver of a child while not feeling strong, mentally and emotionally. They fear that a pregnancy could put them over the edge, pushing them beyond their breaking point.

Perhaps you can relate. You may be considering an abortion for just that reason.

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Many women considering abortion for mental health reasons sense that this could also trigger (increased) emotional distress.

Want to know more?

📙 Tip: Anticipated Emotional Effects of an Abortion

Don’t keep your struggles to yourself! You are worth all the help you can get! 💚 Seek support — from a professional counselor or a friend. We would be honored to provide unbiased counsel! Digital Counseling Resources

5 Steps Toward Mental Health in Pregnancy

The following steps may help you in addressing your situation:

1. Give Yourself Grace 🧡

You are not expected to have an exact plan. It is completely understandable that you are unsure of how to deal with the situation. Your circumstances are probably far from easy. You concerns reveal your courage and your sense of responsibility.

Seeking answers is the first and most important step in finding a good solution!

2. Competent Medical Support 🧑‍⚕️

Medical professionals frequently treat pregnant women suffering from emotional or mental distress. This is nothing unusual! Talk to your doctor about your specific concerns. You can choose whether to consult your primary care provider or your Ob/Gyn.

If you are already receiving mental health care, invite your therapist to contact your doctor. If you are not currently in counseling, but would like to be, ask your doctor for a referral.

Teaming up is especially needful when considering a prescription or a change in medication. Your doctor will know what medications work well during pregnancies and are not harmful to your baby.

Proper medical support can be your ticket to a completely "normal" pregnancy and a good start into motherhood.

3. Peer Support 🙌

People who are more sensitive in nature, often recognize who really cares. You may be able to think of empathetic people you could count on. For your own reassurance and comfort, talk with them about what is going on.

Don’t be afraid to open up about your hopes and dreams. Have the courage to ask for the help you need in raising a child. All of us are dependent on one another. Being able to accept help, rather than always giving it, is a sign of strength.

4. How Did You Manage in the Past? 👍

You are probably familiar with times when everything seemed bleak or when life was just plain hard. You have gotten through these times.

Think about what it was that gave you strength in those situations. How did you recharge your batteries? What strengths did you discover within yourself? How can you implement some of these things right now?

5. Additional Resources

It would be unnerving to walk into the unknown without any support. You are not alone! Will you allow us to walk alongside you? Our judgement free resources are tailored to your needs. Why not give them a try?

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