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What Kind of Help Can You Get When You Are Pregnant?

  • When support from friends and family is limited, or other stress factors arise, many women long for local support during pregnancy and motherhood.
  • Even when unsure about pregnancy, knowing what is available can be helpful. This may open up new perspectives.
  • Pregnant woman and mothers have a right to support and help. Both state and non-profit organizations provide financial aid and practical assistance.

Childbirth classes, family nurses, support groups, baby gear, parenting helplines, diaper banks... We have compiled a list of helpful resources and included the link to each organization.

Click on your country to find out what resources are available to you!

You are worth all the support you can get!

Take care of yourself, mama. 💚

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How Can I Succeed? — We Are Here for You!

You are probably dealing with multiple concerns right now — and long to see how everything could be made possible.

Maybe your pregnancy was unforeseen, and you are unsure whether to keep the baby. Perhaps you are concerned that this is more than you can handle. You are already doing what it takes by seeking solutions. You don't have to do this alone! They say it takes a village to raise a child; this village is available to you by accessing the sites listed above.

Perhaps lack of support is not your only concern. Are there more things going on? Allow us to be your sounding board as you address the issues that are weighing on you. Our digital resources are unbiased, free, and easily accessible.

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