Is it too late? Abortion Pill Reversal

Abortion Pill Reversal

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Is It Possible to Undo a Medication Abortion?

  • Most medication abortions are reversible if the reversal treatment is given within three days of commencing the medication abortion.
  • The reversal medication, progesterone, overpowers the effect of the abortion pill.
  • Neither the abortion pill, nor the reversal medication cause birth defects.
  • It is not possible to reverse an abortion after the second medication (prostaglandin) has been taken.

Can I Stop the Effect of the Abortion Pill?

It is very common to have second thoughts after having taken the abortion pill.

Reversing the effects of Mifegyne® is often possible if the second medication, misopristol, has not yet been taken.

Ideally, a reversal medication should be taken within 24 hours, but even reversals after 86 hours have been successful.

How Successful Are Abortion Reversals?

64-68% of abortion reversals are successful, even if days have passed since taking Mifegyne®.

What About the Other Pills From the Abortion Clinic?

The second medication you received from the abortion clinic is a prostaglandin (brand name: Cytotec®). Its purpose is to expel the embryo. Do not take Cytotec® if you want to reverse the chemical abortion.

How Does the Abortion Pill Reversal Work?

The abortion pill makes your progesterone ineffective. Progesterone is the hormone necessary to sustain your pregnancy. Synthetic progesterone is given to overpower this effect. Initially, you will receive a large dose of progesterone, followed by a maintenance dose for the remainder of your first trimester. Regular ultrasounds will be performed to monitor the progression of your pregnancy.

Can the Reversal Cause Birth Defects?
Though birth defects are possible with any pregnancy, neither the abortion pill, nor the reversal medication cause birth defects.

What if I Am Bleeding or Cramping?
Spotting and cramping are common during a reversal treatment. It is important and safe to continue the progesterone. Seek medical care if your bleeding or pain becomes excessive.

How to Get the Abortion Pill Reversal

Your fastest way to receive help is through Abortion Pill Reversal. This organization will put you in touch with the nearest medical doctor who will prescribe the reversal medication and direct you on your next steps. The physicians in this network typically provide their services free of charge.

Where to Go From Here?

You may have taken the abortion pill and now wish you could undo it. Since time is of the essence, contact APR as soon as possible in order to get your reversal medication.

You probably had strong reasons to take the abortion pill. Perhaps you felt pressured by your partner, the timing was off, or you just felt overwhelmed. Whatever the situation, we want to come alongside you by providing you with resources that were tailor-made for you.

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