Pregnant – How Soon Should I See a Doctor?

How Soon Should I See a Doctor?

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You Decide When to Make a Pregnancy Confirmation Appointment

Most women dread going – and yet it is so important: seeing a nurse midwife or obstetrician. Having competent antenatal care is key.

It is up to you to choose when to schedule your first prenatal visit.

  • Many women make their first pregnancy appointment right after a positive pregnancy test.
  • You can see a doctor after missing your period, even without taking a home pregnancy test. Your doctor will be able to confirm or negate your suspicions by testing for a possible pregnancy.


7 Reasons for Early Maternity Care


1. Overcome Doubts

Were you unsure about the result of the home pregnancy test? Your doctor will be able to confirm whether you are pregnant or not. Your healthcare professional will either give you another urine-based test or perform a blood test which detects the pregnancy hormone ß-hCG, aka., hCG.


2. Preventative Measures

An ultrasound can help your healthcare professional determine whether the fertilized egg has attached itself in the correct place, your uterus. An ectopic pregnancy could be detected at this point, avoiding dangerous complications.

Regular screenings throughout the pregnancy will support early detection of complications, allowing for timely treatment.


3. Determining Gestational Age and Due Date

The vaginal ultrasound will also reveal the dimensions of the amniotic sac. Using this data, as well as your LMP (date of your last menstrual period), your doctor will be able to calculate how far along you are.

You will also be told your tentative due date, which will help you plan ahead.

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4. Proof of Pregnancy

You will need official documentation of pregnancy when applying for insurance, financial support, government housing, food stamps, or maternity pay. Your doctor will be able to issue you a maternity certificate.


5. Addressing Pregnancy Discomforts

Being pregnant is a huge physical adjustment, which affects every woman differently. Most women experience the typical signs of pregnancy to one degree or another.

These symptoms can get the best of you, affecting your ability to function. Sometimes morning sickness can be severe or extensive, leading to exhaustion.

If this describes your situation, or you feel like you are heading in that direction, seek medical advice as soon as possible. Severe discomfort can usually be avoided or diminished with proper medical care.


6. Diagnosis of Abdominal Pain or Bleeding

Seek immediate medical attention if you are experiencing sudden severe abdominal pain or bleeding. Doing so will help you ascertain whether you are experiencing a miscarriage or whether the fertilized egg may have implanted in the wrong place. Time is of the essence!


7. If Your Pregnancy Was Unintended...

You may be experiencing an unplanned pregnancy – or maybe you had been trying for a baby, but now you are feeling overwhelmed as your concerns start piling up... Even in this situation, it would be useful to have your pregnancy confirmed by a physician or nurse midwife. Depending on the test results, you will be able to consult your doctor on possible ways to proceed.

While you are waiting for your appointment, it would be normal for you to have a lot of thoughts and fears going through your mind. Our goal is to assist you in finding the path that is right for you. You are not alone! Our judgement-free resources were created with you in mind:

Go for it! Even if you would prefer not to undergo an examination, it is worth making the appointment.


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