Negative Pregnancy Test But Pregnant?

Negative Pregnancy Test But Pregnant?

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Could I be pregnant even though my pregnancy test was negative?

  • It seems simple: if the pregnancy test is positive, you are most likely pregnant. If it is negative, you are probably not pregnant.
  • Sometimes the test shows a negative result, even though a woman is pregnant.
  • Usually, a false negative happens when the test was taken too early or done incorrectly.

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Pregnant with a Negative Test — Is That Possible?

A negative pregnancy test would be a reason to assume you are not pregnant. However, sometimes a test may show a negative result when the woman is pregnant.

1. Tested Too Soon?

The fertilized egg implants in the lining of the uterus five days after conception. Only then does the female body start producing the pregnancy hormone hCG. Even though hCG levels increase rapidly, they remain low within the first few days after implantation and are, therefore, not easily detectable.

If the test is taken too early, it may give you a false negative reading.

2. Not tested with the first urine?

If not tested first thing in the morning, the concentration of pregnancy hormones in the urine may be too low. The test may show an incorrect result.

3. Pregnancy already well established?

Beta-hCG production reaches its peak around the 10th week of pregnancy, after which hormone levels begin to drop. It is, therefore, possible for a pregnancy test, taken in the 22nd week of pregnancy, for example, to show negative.

Tip: Avoid other common mistakes by carefully reading the instructions included in the pregnancy test.

False-Negative Pregnancy Test? — How to Be Sure

  • Are you having doubts about your negative test result because you tested too soon after having had sex? In this case, you may want to retake the test later to be sure.
  • If the test was negative, but you think you may still be pregnant, you may want to ask a gynecologist (OB/GYN). Your healthcare professional can use blood tests or ultrasounds to confirm a pregnancy.
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Essential Facts About Pregnancy Tests

💰These inexpensive tests can be purchased at your local pharmacy. They are also available free of charge at most pregnancy resource centers.

🏠 The instructions are easy to follow and provide you with any pertinent information.

⏰Take the test first thing in the morning. The test measures the pregnancy hormone beta-hCG, which is most concentrated in the urine after a long sleep.

💡The test’s small absorbent strips contain beta-hCG antibodies. These react as soon as they come in touch with beta-hCG in the urine — displaying a positive result.

✅ Most pregnancy tests include a control window, which confirms that the test has been performed correctly.

⏱ The test result will show within a few minutes.

False-Positive Pregnancy Test?

A positive result means that pregnancy hormones are detectable in your urine, making you very likely to be pregnant. However, sometimes this diagnosis turns out to be incorrect

The pregnancy test was positive, but you are not pregnant. Here are several explanations:

  1. Pregnancy tests usually have a shelf-life of up to one year and should be stored in a dry place. The test may have been too old or not functioning properly for other reasons.
  2. You may have been pregnant, but the pregnancy stopped progressing after you took the test, and an early miscarriage occurred.
  3. Certain medications (e.g., hormonal drugs or antidepressants) may falsify the result.

Unintended Pregnancy

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