What are the chances? Can You Get Pregnant from Pre-Cum?

Can you Get Pregnant from Pre-Cum?

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Pre-Cum and Pregnancy

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  • There is no consensus in recent studies whether sperm may already be present in pre-ejaculate. However, some tests have shown that it is indeed possible since sperm can occasionally enter the ureter even before ejaculation and mix with pre-cum.
  • Pre-cum (aka, pre-ejaculate) is produced when a man is sexually aroused, before ejaculation.
  • Although the probability of getting pregnant from pre-ejaculate is relatively low, it is nonetheless possible.

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What is Pre-Cum?

Pre-cum (aka, pre-ejaculate fluid) is a discharge that occurs before (Latin: pre) cumming (ejaculation).

When a man is sexually aroused, his body prepares for ejaculation in the following way:

Pre-cum is released through the urethra to the outside, thereby cleaning it of urine residues and adjusting the pH level. Urine causes the pH of the urethra to be too acidic for sperm to survive. Pre-cum also acts as a natural lubricant during sexual intercourse.

There is no sperm in the gland where pre-ejaculate is formed. But how could you still get pregnant?

Sperm may exit along with pre-cum,

  • if a remnant of sperm is still present in the urethra from a previous ejaculation.
  • if some sperm is released early via the epididymis.

What Are the Chances of Getting Pregnant from Pre-Cum?

The question “Did I get pregnant from pre-cum?” may be triggered by various situations, such as making out, fingering, anal sex, sexual intercourse without cumming, or using the pull-out method.

The percentage of pregnancies resulting from pre-cum has not been established. Many variables and situational dependencies are at play. Generally speaking, the probability of conceiving from pre-ejaculate is very low.

Two factors must coincide before conception through pre-cum becomes a possibility:

  1. Sperm must be emitted with the pre-cum.
  2. The situation must occur during the woman's fertile window, and the sperm must encounter her cervical mucus.

1. Sperm in Pre-Cum vs. Cum

Naturally, the probability of pregnancy is highest when ejaculation occurs in the vagina since large amounts of sperm simultaneously enter the woman’s reproductive system. This increases the likelihood of healthy sperm reaching the fallopian tube, where fertilization occurs.

The chances of getting pregnant through pre-cum are diminished significantly as it may contain no or few sperm. In addition, the quality of sperm is questionable.

Nevertheless, a single sperm cell is theoretically sufficient for conception. Women have indeed become pregnant from pre-cum.

Killick et al. (2011) also came to this conclusion when performing a study of pre-ejaculate in several male participants: Sperm was present in the precum of 41% of the participants. In some cases, the sperm was motile, making conception possible. Sperm was found in all subsequent pre-ejaculate samples of the initial 41%. Consequently, sperm was either always present or always absent in the pre-cum of study participants. Another study was performed by Kovavisarach et al. (2016). Here, 16.7% of men had motile sperm in their seminal fluid. However, the studies were not able to determine why sperm was found in some men's pre-ejaculate and not in others.

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2. Fertile Window and Cervical Mucus

During your fertile window, the possibility of pregnancy is a given. The prerequisite is that your partner’s sperm directly interacts with your cervical mucus.

This mucus is produced in the cervix during your fertile window. You may notice it at your vaginal opening. Sperm can only survive outside the male body if surrounded by cervical mucus.

If his penis entered your vagina, pre-cum might have been released, coming in direct contact with your cervical mucus. In this case, the likelihood of pregnancy would be higher than if pre-cum were released outside the vagina, such as while making out.

ℹ️ Note! The withdrawal method (coitus interruptus) has a Pearl Index of 4-18, which is the number per 100 women who get pregnant each year.

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Can Guys Feel Pre-Cum Come Out?

Men generally do not notice when they release pre-cum; neither can they tell when it is about to happen. Only the visible moisture around the tip of the penis makes its presence known.

Sometimes no pre-ejaculate is released. Usually, it is only a drop, but it can amount up to 5 mL.

Since the release of pre-cum cannot be felt, reacting in time is impossible. When employing the withdrawal method, the goal is to pull the penis out of the vagina before ejaculation occurs. Prior to this, however, the release of pre-cum may have gone entirely unnoticed.

Pre-cum may also be released unexpectantly during other situations.

Pregnant from Getting Fingered?

Pregnancy is theoretically possible if pre-cum enters the vagina through fingering and sperm survives by being enveloped in cervical mucus.

Generally, sperm die quickly on the skin or by thorough hand washing.

While getting pregnant from fingering cannot be ruled out completely, the likelihood of this happening is very low.

If unsure, you can perform a pregnancy test, available at your pharmacy. If you notice symptoms, you may want to take our Online Test: Are My Symptoms Signs of Pregnancy?

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Sperm need cervical mucus to survive. They can last up to five days in the vagina, especially during your fertile window, i.e., even a few days before ovulation. As cervical mucus forms and improves, it creates an increasingly suitable environment for sperm survival. Your reproductive system is preparing to make fertilization possible.

Pregnant from Pre-Cum When You Are Ovulating

Pregnancy is possible if you ovulated on the day of intimate contact or sexual intercourse (without ejaculation). Your ovum can still be fertilized 24 hours after ovulation.

However, this is only possible if your partner’s pre-cum contained sperm and reached your cervical mucus.

You can read more about the likelihood of this happening here.

Ovulation usually goes completely unnoticed. Some women feel mittelschmerz. This German term comes from the pain being felt in the middle of one's cycle — around the time of ovulation. Therefore, it is also known as ovulation pain. It can be a twinge or a sharp pain or cramping.

It is unclear whether this coincides precisely with the moment of ovulation. The pain may also stem from the tissues around the ovary and the fallopian tube preparing for ovulation. It may also be caused by the settling of your reproductive organs after this period of activity.

ℹ️ Note: No ovulation tracking app can give you the exact time of ovulation. The reason is that everyone's body and cycle are unique. Even if you have regular cycles and observe them closely, you can only know the rough time frame of ovulation.

Important to know: Your fertile window begins even before you ovulate. Sperm can survive inside your vagina for several days, "waiting" for your ovulation.

Pregnant from Pre-Cum with Contraception

You may also wonder whether there is a minute chance of getting pregnant from pre-cum, even though you were using contraception.

No contraceptive can rule out pregnancy 100 percent. Nevertheless, in this case, the chances of getting pregnant from pre-cum are very slim.

  • Hormonal contraception (birth control) is intended to prevent ovulation. Specific hormones prevent the formation of cervical mucus or alter it so no sperm (possibly contained in pre-cum) can survive. In addition, these hormones cause the cervix to be plugged.

  • A condom or other barrier method keeps any sperm in pre-cum and cum contained.

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Pre-Cum Pregnancy Scare: Women Share Their Stories

He did not ejaculate inside me either time. (…) Now I am terrified of being pregnant. I read that it is possible to get pregnant from pre-cum. It only takes a single sperm...
Luna1111 — German Profemina forum

Since we only just started dating, I've been shopping around for a new contraceptive. Until I made up my mind, we decided to use condoms during my fertile window. He was inside me once or twice for a moment before he put on a condom. He was careful and broke off quickly, saying, "Stop, we need a condom before I start leaking pre-cum!” …It has been several days since I started having pain in my abdomen. I'm tired, dizzy, feel nauseous, have heartburn, and my breasts are tender... And this has been going on for days! Although my period is not due until tomorrow, I took a test this morning. The second line appeared immediately. I'm a wreck...
magdalena — German Profemina forum

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