Pregnant Again After Giving Birth

Pregnant Again After Giving Birth

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Can You Get Pregnant Right After Having a Baby?

  • Yes, it is possible to conceive soon after giving birth.
  • A pregnancy becomes possible when ovulation resumes after delivery. You cannot reliably determine whether your first ovulation has taken place.
  • It is also possible to become pregnant within weeks of having a baby, even while you are still experiencing postpartum bleeding (lochia).

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How Soon Can You Get Pregnant After Having a Baby? 

In theory, a woman could conceive immediately after giving birth.

In this context, it is important to remember that ovulation marks a woman's fertile window, which occurs about ten to 14 days before the first menstrual period. Ovulation, rather than the first period after giving birth, is the first sign of renewed fertility — which usually goes completely unnoticed. Thus, a surprise pregnancy is possible soon after delivery.


Can You Get Pregnant While Still Recovering From the Previous Pregnancy?

The postpartum period entailing the first 6 to 8 weeks after giving birth is also known as the fourth trimester, or, in medical terms, puerperium.

Doctors and midwives recommend women to take it easy during this time. Nonetheless, you may have had an easy birth and desire to quickly become sexually active again.

In this case, it is important to realize that it is possible to become pregnant during the fourth trimester. Giving an exact time frame is impossible, since every woman is different, as are her menstrual cycles. Some women conceive within a month of giving birth.


Can You Get Pregnant While Still Bleeding (Lochia)? 

Postpartum bleeding (aka, lochia) is caused by the placenta detaching from the uterus during delivery. It usually stops within 6-8 weeks after delivery.

It is possible for a woman to become pregnant during postpartum bleeding, but the likelihood of this happening is very low. Still, this possibility cannot be completely ruled out.


Can You Get Pregnant Before Period Starts After Birth? 

Ovulation takes place about two weeks before one’s menstrual period. Your fertile window, during which conception can occur, precedes the resumption of your menstrual period.

The exact timing of this cannot be determined in advance. However, it is important to know that you can indeed become pregnant after delivery, without having started your period.


Can You Get Pregnant While Breastfeeding? 

Although breastfeeding is widely regarded as a safe contraceptive method, you can get pregnant while nursing your baby! For more information, go to Pregnant Despite Breastfeeding.


Sex Soon After Pregnancy and Birth?! 

There is only a brief period after giving birth, when conception is not a concern. But what else is there to know about sex after having a baby?

After the arrival of a baby, it usually takes some time for the whole family - especially the mother - to regroup and recover. It usually also takes time for sexual desires to reawaken. Tears, sustained during childbirth, need to heal - and it will take a while for hormone levels to stabilize.

Many women also need some time to feel okay in their own skin and to readjust to all the changes. New fathers sometimes also feel apprehensive about physical intimacy, while becoming accustomed to their partner’s physical changes.

Once this time of readjustment has passed, many couples soon start seeking physical intimacy. This is when the question arises of how to plan toward future parenthood.


Pregnant Again After Giving Birth — Now What? 

A second pregnancy within the first year of giving birth usually causes major emotional upheaval (again). This may be what you are going through right now. Your baby is only a few months or weeks old and now you are pregnant again...many women caught in this situation begin asking themselves how they will be able to manage another pregnancy and an additional child so soon. 

We want to encourage you to keep looking forward and to keep sight of your strengths.  Solutions are out there. Let’s find them together! 


Your Wealth of Experience – Your Greatest Resource 

You already have the biggest adjustment behind you: the birth of your first child. Baby #1 brings drastic changes to its parent’s day-to-day life. A new rhythm emerges. When another baby is announced, the adjustment is not as extreme as with the first. Foundations have already been established. Not everything has to be set up and planned from scratch. 

Besides, you possess a great wealth of knowledge - as a pregnant woman and a mom, you have already gained a lot of experience! No one can take that away from you!  

Women often report that they feel busy, whether they are a mother with one child, two children, or more. Feel free to ask for all the help that you need to stay strong.


How Can I Keep my Strength Up? Here Are a Few Tips! 

Amid this demanding situation, take good care of yourself! By doing so, you may feel more at ease, freeing you up to gradually recognize workable solutions.



Small breaks planned throughout your day can add calm to your life. By doing so, you will avoid brooding and staying in a rut.. For example, you could hire a babysitter and enjoy time to yourself.  

Indulging yourself once in a while can do you a lot of good and can work wonders, especially if you are experiencing some low points in your life. It is possible to create such moments while holding your baby: nice music, the smell of new perfume, (decaffeinated) coffee or tea, a walk ... You know what works best for you.  



A daily routine can be useful, especially to make sure that our basic needs such as eating and sleeping are satisfied. Of course, it can be challenging to stick to a routine when you have a young child. But maybe there are little things that repeat themselves throughout the day that are important to you, or that allow for some rest and structure. Start small and keep at it!



Can you think of anyone? Someone who you can open up to, with whom can you be yourself and talk openly? Sharing your concerns with another person, rather than being alone with them, can oftentimes be quite beneficial. 

Would it be possible to talk to your partner? Perhaps there is a mutual desire to have more time together after the baby time. In what ways could you make this happen? 



Do you know that you don't have to be perfect? Mothers often set high expectations for themselves. Some things on the to-do list can be left undone for a while, and not everything has to be tidy all the time.  

A little more serenity can help you find inner peace. You will notice: Some things will even take care of themselves, or those in your surroundings will lend a hand. If you focus on the moment you will move forward at exactly the pace that is right for you.  



Can you think of a friend or relative who would assist you? Maybe someone else would be willing do the shopping or the laundry? Or might someone be willing to cook you a meal? 

If this option is unavailable for you, consider seeking relief through external support options, such as hiring a babysitter or applying for financial aid

We would love to come alongside you as you navigate all the implications of this news. Our judgement-free resources were created with your situation in mind. Our goal is to give you the opportunity to find the unique path that works for you. 


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