Pregnant From Pull Out Method

Pregnant From Pull Out Method

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How Can You Get Pregnant Even if He Pulls Out? 

The original idea is known by many names: pulling out, withdrawal, pull out method — or the technical term: coitus interruptus. This contraceptive method frequently leads to unplanned pregnancies. Find out why it is so ineffective and what the probability rate actually is. 

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    What Is the Pull Out Method? 

    “Pulling out” is exactly what it sounds like: The penis is pulled out of the vagina just before reaching orgasm, causing ejaculation (cumming) to occur outside the vagina. 

    The idea is to keep any semen (cum) from entering the vagina in order to prevent the possibility of fertilization.


    Likelihood of Pregnancy With the Pull Out Method

    The Pearl Index, which measures the efficacy of contraceptive types, rates withdrawal as highly unreliable

    Ten to 38 of 100 women become pregnant on this method when using it exclusively for one year. 


    How Can You Get Pregnant if He Did Not Come? 

    Here are the two main reasons why women become pregnant, despite him pulling out: 


    1. Timing

    Interrupting sexual intercourse at the right moment — before ejaculation — requires great discipline and excellent body awareness. Sexual ecstasy makes it hard to stop in time. 


    2. It Only Takes a Few Sperm Cells…

    Just a small number of sperm cells are sufficient for fertilization. Even before the actual ejaculation, seminal fluid (aka, pre-cum or pre-ejaculate) is emitted. Pre-cum may contain sperm, allowing it to enter the vagina, even before ejaculation. You could become pregnant without him coming at all. 

     If he withdrew in time, but ejaculation took place in the immediate vicinity of the vaginal opening, there is still a possibility of becoming pregnant. 


    Worried You Might Be Pregnant From Pull-Out? 

    Perhaps you came across this article because you are afraid you might be pregnant, despite having used the withdrawal method. It is understandable that this uncertainty would cause many questions and concerns.  

    Choose to take a deep breath in the midst of this unsettling situation and tackle things one step at a time. 


    Experiences and Soundbites

    • "I was on my period from 06/09/ - 06/13/09. During that time, I had unprotected sex twice with my husband. On 06/16 we had sex again but used the pull-out method. (…) My period is already a few days overdue, and I feel some abdominal cramping. (…) This morning I broke down and took an early pregnancy test. The result was definitely negative. Could I still be pregnant?"
    • "The father of the baby did not call back. He had mentioned previously that he already has 3 kids from 3 different women. He does not believe in contraception. He uses the pull-out method. (…) My family is putting me under pressure and my son is asking for a baby sibling. I am afraid..."

    This experience was shared (in German) on profemina's open forum.
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    Pregnant Even Though He Pulled Out — Now What? 

    An unexpected pregnancy, despite pull-out method, is sure to trigger a whole slew of thoughts, emotions, and worries. This was not the way it was supposed to be!  

    If you are in this situation, take all the time you are given to make a decision you can feel good about in the long run. You are worth more than a quick fix! 

    You are not alone! We would love to be part of your journey by providing a non-judgmental setting for you to think about your next steps. Take advantage of our resources: 


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