Know the Facts: Abortion in Ohio

Abortion in Ohio

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Is Abortion Legal in Ohio?

  • Abortions are legal in Ohio until viability (approx. 23rd week of pregnancy).
  • Two in-person clinic visits are required.
  • The abortion pill can be used until the 10th week of pregnancy (LMP).

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Can You Get an Abortion in Ohio?

A constitutional amendment was affirmed by a public vote on Nov. 7, 2023, legalizing abortion in Ohio until viability, i.e., until the fetus can survive outside the womb. This law goes into effect on Dec. 07, 2023. While this cut-off date makes abortion generally accessible approximately until the 23rd week of pregnancy LMP (counting from the first day of the last menstrual period), there are specific parameters wherein abortions may be performed:

Medical Requirements

  • Only medical doctors may perform abortions in Ohio.
  • A pre-abortion ultrasound is not required by law in Ohio but may be deemed necessary by the attending physician. The ultrasound reveals the gestational age, which is necessary for discerning which abortion method may be used. It would also show an ectopic pregnancy, thereby preventing severe risks.


  • Two in-person visits to the abortion clinic are required. During the first visit, mandatory counseling is provided, followed by a 24-hour waiting period. After the wait time has passed, the abortion is administered during a second in-person visit.
  • Telemedicine abortions and prescriptions of the abortion pill are not possible in Ohio because of the in-person mandate.


Most abortions can stay confidential. Legal exceptions in Ohio include the requirement of parental consent for minors.

Informed Consent

  • A pre-abortion consultation appointment is required in Ohio to ensure informed consent. Advice during this mandated informational meeting may include details about the abortion procedure, pain management, fetal development, abortion alternatives, and abortion pill reversal.
  • The informed consent regulation has been implemented to protect women from forced abortions. Abortion coercion is a criminal offense in Ohio. Forcing someone to have an abortion is punishable by law.


No further extensions are given in cases of rape, incest, or fetal abnormalities. Extensions until birth are granted on a case-by-case basis when the continuation of the pregnancy puts the mother's physical health at risk. Abortions are always permitted to save the mother's life.

How Late Can You Get an Abortion in Ohio?

While abortion is legal in Ohio until viability (approx. 23 weeks), abortions after the first trimester may not be widely available. Many abortion clinics only offer the Abortion Pill and vacuum extractions, which are exclusively used in the first trimester.

10 Week Limit — Abortion Pill

The abortion pill can be used until the 10th week of pregnancy (LMP). This time-window is federally mandated for all US states where abortion is permitted because the risk of complications increases exponentially if used beyond this point.

16 Week Limit — Vacuum Aspiration

Vacuum aspiration is the primary surgical abortion method used until the 16th week of pregnancy.

16 to 23 Weeks — D&E Abortion

98% of abortions after 16 weeks gestation are performed by dilation and evacuation (D&E). At this point, the fetus has become too large to be suctioned out and would need to be extracted by forceps.

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Is Abortion Illegal in Ohio?

Abortion is illegal in Ohio outside of the legal parameters. A person who unlawfully provides an abortion could be charged with reckless homicide. The penalties entail a prison sentence of 9-36 months and a $10,000 fine.

Self-inducing an abortion without the aid of a medical provider is illegal in Ohio. This law was established with the health of women in mind. Most homemade abortion methods carry higher risks, making them unsafe. The concern for the safety of the mother is of the highest priority.

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I Need an Abortion in Ohio — Now What?

Hopefully, our page addressed some of your practical questions about abortion in Ohio. Perhaps your concerns go beyond the need for information. You may have recently found out you are pregnant, bringing your heart to a standstill while your mind races on.

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