Secret Abortion

Secret Abortion

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Does Anyone Have to Know About the Abortion?

  • Medical care is always confidential. Your doctor may not share your abortion information.
  • You could have an abortion without anyone knowing.
  • Many women have found it beneficial to have support, rather than walking this road alone.


Is It Possible to Have an Anonymous Abortion?

Whether it is possible to keep an abortion private needs to be addressed on two levels: professional confidentiality and your personal life.

Professional Confidentiality:

A few healthcare professionals will have to know about the abortion:

  • Your family doctor/GP giving the referral and providing aftercare.
  • Any government mandated counseling service (where applicable): If you are required to receive pre-abortion counseling, you will most likely have to provide identification, proving that you have completed this requirement. Make the most of it – the purpose of counseling is to give you the opportunity to investigate all your options. Only when you are informed will you be able to make a choice you can feel good about in the long run.
  • The medical staff at the abortion clinic.
  • Your insurance provider (unless you are paying out of pocket).

NOTE: Insurance companies usually send an EOB (Explanation of benefits) to their clients. If you are enrolled under your parents’ plan, they will likely see a summary of the services provided to you. The EOB will probably not directly state “abortion” but “medical visit” or “D&C.”

🤐 Maintaining confidentiality is a key duty of all medical, insurance, and counseling staff. They are obligated to keep your information private unless you give consent to its release.

Therefore, it is possible to keep your abortion hidden. None of your friends or relatives need to know about it. It is up to you whom you want to tell.

Personal Life – Secrecy and Truth:

Whether you will be able to keep the abortion hidden from your partner, your children, or other close relatives and friends, remains unsure. Depending on the closeness of your relationship, they probably will suspect that something is up, even if they can’t put their finger on it. They will be left wondering. This should be taken into consideration if you are pregnant and trying to decide whether to keep it a secret.

Anonymous Abortion Under 18?

You may not want your parents to know about the pregnancy and are therefore looking into options for an anonymous abortion. If you are a minor, you may need your parents’ consent in order to have an abortion.

ℹ️ Wondering whether your parents need to know? Go to Abortion Under 18.

Take the test: 🙎‍♀️ Pregnant under 18 — Am I too young to have a baby?

Can a Past Abortion Be Detected?

Medically, abortions are untraceable, except if the uterus was accidentally punctured. Particularly with late-term abortions, perforations can lead to the development of scar tissue and adhesions.

Initially, these symptoms are to be expected:

  • Post-abortion bleeding
  • The pregnancy hormone (HCG) decreases gradually, and therefore remains present in her system for 4 – 6 weeks.
  • Sometimes the onset of her period is delayed by days, weeks, or even months.

Will the Abortion Be on My Medical Record?

While all medical professionals are sworn to confidentiality, some countries additionally have laws allowing women to decide whether the abortion should appear on their medical record. This is the case in the UK. Similarly, the US HIPAA privacy rule establishes standards to protect the patient’s privacy. Ask your care provider whether a similar law also applies in your region.

Oftentimes, a paper trail is necessary, e.g., if laws stipulate that several doctors must agree on the necessity of the procedure, if a referral is made, or if the abortion is funded by the general healthcare system.

Including abortion information on your medical record will allow your doctor to provide you with more individualized care.

Secret Self-Managed Abortion

The desire to abort without anyone knowing could lead you to think about DIY abortions. Then – so you hope – absolutely no one would need to be included.

❗️Caution: Self-induced abortions are associated with serious risks. Medical professionals have the expertise and experience to keep you safe. For the sake of the woman, DIY abortions are often prohibited by law. Sometimes, women wait too long to expose their secret after a failed abortion. At that point, any medical attention would come too late.

Pregnant – I Don’t Want Anyone to Know – Now What?

At this point in time, you may be wondering whether it would be better if no one knew about the pregnancy. You may be considering a secret abortion, rather than having to face the reactions of those around you. Either decision would create an emotional burden for you.

You may like to try these three things:

Step 1: 🕰

Right now, your emotions are probably all over the place. This is caused by a drastic change in hormone levels. Our desire for you is that you would be able to take the time you need to allow yourself to regain a more level footing.

Once your hormones levels stabilize, you will be able to determine which decision corresponds with your values and convictions – then you can make a choice that leaves you with no regrets.

Step 2: 👤

It may feel good to entrust someone with your secret. Can you think of a close friend, a relative, or someone else who would be supportive?

Do you think you could muster the courage to open up to someone? Putting your heads together, you are more likely to find a solution – especially during a time of emotional upheaval in which you may feel unsure about the upcoming decision.

Step 3: 👩💻

Would you like to remain anonymous while receiving judgement-free feedback on your concerns?

Do you desire a neutral sounding board for your thoughts?

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