Mucus and Pregnancy?

Mucus and Pregnancy?

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Is Discharge a Symptom of Pregnancy?

Does a white, brownish/pink or unusual vaginal discharge mean that I am pregnant? The answer is no! This article explains why.

What Is Discharge Anyway?

Discharge, also known as cervical mucus, is a secretion that is formed by the cervical glands and drained through the vagina.

Cervical mucus is common during the woman's fertile window β€” even if it is rarely discussed.

White, Brownish/Pink, Yellow β€” What Does Discharge Usually Look Like?

Depending on hormone levels, a woman’s discharge is usually odorless and between white and translucent. Cervical discharge can also be slightly yellow. Immediately after menstruation, some women notice a brown discharge β€” this is simply blood. Both colors are "normal."

The consistency can vary from thick to almost liquid.

πŸ“ Attention! If you notice a strangely discolored or foul smelling discharge, seek out your healthcare provider! You may have a vaginal infection, which is easily treatable with medication.

Vaginal Discharge: A Symptom of Pregnancy?

Noticeable discharge, whether brown, milky, strong, thick or white, is not a sign of pregnancy.

During pregnancy, the blood supply to the vaginal area increases and the vagina softens, making additional discharge possible. Still, discharge is more likely to occur in late pregnancy, rather than early on.

Discharge is not a determining factor of pregnancy.

Cervical Mucus β€” Am I Pregnant?

You may still be unsure why your body is undergoing changes, even after reading this article. Go to Symptoms of Pregnancy to know what to look for!

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