Profemina's Counseling Services

Profemina's Counseling Services

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Our Counseling Services 

Leaning upon our professional experience regarding women facing an unintended pregnancy, as well as our expertise in the areas of psychology, medicine, systems theory, and social work, has allowed us to develop these online services. 

Focusing on the needs of women dealing with an unintended pregnancy, our website and online tests offer an array of resources which have proven useful for such situations

We desire to deliver expert support that recognizes the value and capabilities of women. Our free services provide immediate feedback and are available around the clock to any woman who feels conflicted about her pregnancy. 

We also offer our services to the partners and relatives of pregnant women who are seeking support. 

We realized that our expectation for women to call us was unrealistic and outdated. Therefore, we have poured our counseling expertise into numerous short tests and now provide contact-free digital coaching. 


You are offered: 

  • Support in finding your unique path through self-tests and evaluations. 
  • Immediate advice that matches your individual decision-making situation 
  • Free, comprehensive, and confidential digital counseling. 
  • No time restrictions. Make use of our resources anytime and for as long as you desire! 
  • Judgement-free environment that allows you to process your thoughts and emotions. 
  • Information on pregnancy and abortion. 

You decide... 

  • what time of day or night to use our resources or take a test. 
  • the frequency and scope of free services you receive. 
  • whether to use your normal email address or create an anonymous one for your interaction with us. 

You are not alone! It is a privilege to walk alongside you. Read more about What We Do

We follow official data protection guidelines in accordance with GDPR. 

How to Access Our Digital Coaching Services 

Feel free to utilize any of the following resources: 



If you are asking, “Should I have an abortion?” This test can support you in finding the answer you are looking for. Take this multiple-choice quiz and receive an immediate evaluation via email. 



Unsure whether you are pregnant or not? The online pregnancy test will ask you multiple-choice questions pertaining to a possible pregnancy. Once you take the test, you will receive an immediate evaluation via email. 


digital coaching based on our experience 👩💻

If you find yourself in an unintended pregnancy, you can receive advice that matches your situation and ideas on how to move forward. 

Using multiple choice questions, our three-step digital coaching will guide you on a journey of self-reflection. You will receive an immediate evaluation and advice for your unique situation

You have the freedom to remain completely anonymous. 

Looking for a test on a specific topic? Check out our selection, below. After taking each multiple-choice test, your evaluation will appear on your screen. 


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