Negative Pregnancy Test But Pregnant?

Negative Pregnancy Test But Pregnant

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Can I Still Be Pregnant if the Test Is Negative? 


  • Is seems so simple: If the pregnancy test comes up positive, you can assume you are pregnant. If the test is negative, you are probably not pregnant. 
  • Sometimes a woman tests negative even though she is pregnant
  • False-negative pregnancy tests happen for several reasons, e.g.: if it is taken too soon, or is performed incorrectly

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Pregnant with a Negative Test — Is That possible? 

False-negative pregnancy tests are possible. This happens most commonly because the test was taken too soon. 


1. Tested Too Soon? 

Five days after conception, the embryo implants in the uterus. Only then does the woman’s body start producing the pregnancy hormone Beta-hCG. While hormone levels increase exponentially, numbers remain low within the first few days and are therefore not easily detectable.  

If you took the test too early, it may give you a false negative reading. 


2. Did Not Use the First Morning Urine? 

If you did not use the first urine of the day, the pregnancy hormone concentration may have been too low. The test would then show a false-negative result.  


3. Already Further Along in the Pregnancy? 

The level of Beta-hCG peaks in the 12th week of pregnancy and then begins to decline. Therefore, it is possible for a pregnancy test, taken after the 22nd week of pregnancy, to come up negative. 

Tip: Avoid other application errors by paying close attention to the package insert


False-Negative Pregnancy Test? — How to Be Sure 

  • Perhaps you are wondering whether the negative test result was accurate, because you had tested very soon after sexual intercourse. If that is the case, you can test again on a later day, in order to be sure. The test can be negative today, but positive, tomorrow. 
  • If the test came up negative, but you are wondering whether you could still be pregnant, feel free to consult your gynecologist. He or she will be able to order a blood-test and can also use ultrasound to determine your pregnancy status. 
  • 🤰You can also take our Online Pregnancy Test. Describe your symptoms in a multiple-choice format and receive an immediate evaluation. 


Important Facts About Pregnancy Tests

💰These inexpensive tests can be purchased at your local pharmacy. They are also available free of charge at most pregnancy resource centers. 

🏠 They are easy to use and can be conveniently performed at home. The insert provides all important information. 

⏰  The best time to take the test is in the morning. This is because the pregnancy hormone beta-hCG, which is being detected, is most concentrated in the urine after a prolonged period of sleep. 

💡 The absorbent test strip within the pregnancy test stick contains hCG antibodies. These react as soon as they encounter hCG in the urine — and a positive result is displayed. 

✅ Some pregnancy tests have a control window, which shows whether the test was performed accurately. 

Within minutes the result should be visible. 


Missed Period but Negative Pregnancy Test — Mima Shares Her Story: 

"(...) On Thursday I took a pregnancy test out of sheer desperation. It was negative. Now I feel unsure whether that result is reliable.
Lately I've had a lot of stress at work, but I've been under pressure before and never missed a period."

This experience was shared (in German) on profemina's internet forum.


False-Positive Pregnancy Test? 

A positive result means that the pregnancy hormone was present in your urine, which means that you are most likely pregnant. Sometimes there can be false-positives… 


If the pregnancy test came back positive, but you are not pregnant, there could be several factors at play: 


  1. Pregnancy tests can be used within 12 months of purchase and need to be stored in a dry environment. Perhaps the test was expired or defective for some other reason. 
  2. You may have been pregnant, but the pregnancy did not continue, due to an early miscarriage. 
  3. Taking certain medications, such as antidepressants, can falsify the result. 
  4. Your hormones during menopause are affecting the test


Unintended Pregnancy 

Perhaps you already took a(nother) second pregnancy test, and the result was positive — which came as a complete shock — you can’t wrap your head around it. Or you feel anxiety well up at the thought of being pregnant. 


If these are the kind of feelings and concerns you are experiencing, and you are unsure what to do next, make use of our free and unbiased digital coaching.  


Our tests were created, based on many years’ counseling experience. We have had the privilege to walk alongside many women experiencing surprise pregnancies. Using our self-evaluations, they discovered the unique path that matched their lived experience.  


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