Things to Consider: Traveling for an Abortion

Traveling for an Abortion

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Should I Get an Out-of-State Abortion?

  • According to CDC statistics, 10% of US residents traveled for an abortion even before new state regulations were in place.
  • The number of interstate abortions is seeing a drastic increase.
  • While cross-border abortions have become more common from the US to Mexico, the number of Northern Irish women traveling to England for an abortion has decreased.

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The Four Main Reasons Why Women Travel for an Abortion:

💰 Cost:

Some women experience financial hardship and seek more inexpensive options elsewhere.

🔒 Privacy:

Some women feel alone in their pregnancy. They have no one to turn to and want to keep the pregnancy a secret. If this is your situation, you may be asking, “Can I have an abortion without anyone knowing?”

📦 Availability:

Some regions such as Northern Ireland, Tasmania, or Canada have few or no abortion clinics or do not perform late-term abortions. For local pregnancy support options:

🚫 Restrictions:

Have you already passed the gestational limit for your region? Is abortion banned in your state?

How far along am I? Use our Pregnancy Tracker to find out!

Is It Legal to Have an Abortion Across State Lines?

Abortion laws differ from state to state and country to country. While abortion is banned or limited in some regions, others allow abortion throughout pregnancy. You may wonder whether you could be prosecuted for pursuing abortion if it is illegal in your state.

According to a 2023 press release by the U.S. Department of Justice, no laws hinder you from seeking an interstate abortion based on the constitutional right to interstate travel.

Nevertheless, travel would exacerbate an already harrowing experience.

⚠️ Companies that aid in their employees' out-of-state abortion may be prosecuted.
This regional law protects employees from being pressured to abort for work-related reasons.

Logistics of Abortion Tourism

Specific aspects need to be considered when thinking about traveling for an abortion:


Transportation costs vary depending on distance and mode of transportation.

The NHS may pay for travel expenses from NI to England through the Healthcare Travel Cost Scheme (HTCS). Nonetheless, any abortion involving travel would create extra costs.

Additional costs may be incurred by a hotel stay, eating out, and translator, guide, or babysitter fees, as well as the loss of income during the time away.


A long-distance abortion takes extra planning, time, and coordination. Traveling to another country such as Mexico or Canada requires a passport, like any other international trip.

If you have a surgical abortion under sedation, you will not be able to drive yourself and must arrange for someone to travel with you.


Making long-distance arrangements may create delays leading to a higher gestational age. This may eliminate abortion methods that are only available in the first trimester.

🏥 Are you wondering which abortion method to use? Take our Abortion Methods Test.

Wait Times:

Many abortion clinics across the border or state lines are at capacity. Wait times of three weeks have become the new norm as demand is outpacing availability.

If state-mandated counseling is required, followed by a wait time, two trips or an extended stay may become necessary.

Some states have mandatory wait times to be considered when scheduling an abortion.

⌛ Does your area require wait times or mandatory counseling? Find out at Wait Time for an Abortion Appointment


The further you travel, the less likely you are to have the accompaniment of a parent or friend to comfort and take care of you. You will also be in unaccustomed surroundings and must travel after the abortion, which can be physically taxing.

Even if your surgery was completed under local anesthesia, driving after surgery is not recommended, as you are likely to experience bleeding, cramping, and fatigue for at least 24 hours.

Do not plan on traveling while the second round of abortion pills is taking effect. On that day you can expect heavy bleeding and cramping.

Language Barrier

Language is one of the most significant challenges for women traveling to another country for an abortion. Not everyone performing an abortion or selling medication speaks English. Often the Google Translate App is used to bridge the gap. Your specific questions may get lost in translation. Concerns and emergencies may be left unaddressed as many border clinics are streamlined for simple procedures. Language difficulties would exacerbate any lack of care.

Unintended Pregnancy — Now What?

Perhaps you just found out you are pregnant while living in a region that does not allow abortions. Or maybe you are already further along in your pregnancy. Your situation may have recently changed, causing you to consider abortion — but you already passed the gestational limit for your region. The reasons for considering abortion tourism are as manifold as the lived experiences.

No matter the circumstances, your situation would be anything but easy, and you probably feel under a great deal of pressure. Your concerns are probably ceaselessly buffeting you, leaving little room to think.

Abortion would be one way to silence your anxious thoughts, but we believe you are worth more than a quick fix.

Therefore, our professional counselors have created judgment-free tests which serve as a sounding board, assisting you in your decision-making process:

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