The 4 Most Common Reasons for an Abortion

The Four Most Common Reasons for an Abortion

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Why Women Consider Abortion

What are some of the reasons to terminate a pregnancy? Why do women consider having an abortion?  What are some common concerns that many women share? Based on many years of counseling experience, we have compiled the four most common reasons here.

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What Lies Behind a Crisis Pregnancy?

"Abortion - yes or no?" is hardly a decision that any woman makes lightly or without strong reasons. Every woman who finds herself in this situation has her own unique story. Behind each of these stories hides the same existential question, “How do I go on?”

Usually, there isn’t just one single reason for considering an abortion. Circumstances are often more intricate and complex.

At first glance, the reasons for an abortion seem obvious: financial circumstances, medical reasons, ... initially the unintended pregnancy seems to be a problem which leads to whole range of almost insurmountable obstacles.

A closer look often reveals that the pregnancy itself may not be the actual problem. The unintended pregnancy just made existing issues more obvious...

Therefore, facing the challenging situation of an unintended pregnancy can also be an opportunity to address precisely these underlying causes.


Statistics: The 4 Most Common Reasons for an Abortion

Every woman, every relationship, every pregnancy is unique. And many situations are experienced in a similar fashion. Therefore, we were able to compile the four most common reasons why the women who have reached out to us consider abortion. All statistical data is based on evaluations of our many years of counseling.

Reason 1: "He doesn't want the child"

About 30 percent of all women who reach out to us do so mainly because of the baby’s father’s negative reaction. Most women encountering an unintended pregnancy look to their partner for support and encouragement. Unfortunately, his initial reaction is often exactly the opposite.

The article "Pregnant - He Does Not Want the Child" explains why many men react like this and what you can do about it.


Reason 2: Relationship Status: “It’s Complicated”

The second most common reason why abortion is explored also relates to the partner: The relationship has just started or has already ended; the father of the child isn’t the partner at all; it isn’t really considered a relationship, ... These and similar concerns weigh on the mind of every sixth woman contacting us concerning an abortion.

The article "Pregnant While in an Unstable Relationship" is a helpful resource in how to deal with this situation.


Reason 3: "I need to be there for my other children"

One in ten women look into abortion out of concern for previous children. The new pregnancy often reveals that this mother of one or more children is already stretched beyond what she can handle.

Go to "Pregnant Again and Overwhelmed" to read more on this topic and for ideas on how to find relief.


Reason 4: “It was not supposed to happen like this…"

"Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans." This postcard slogan hits home perfectly in the lives seven percent of women seeking counsel on abortion.

The article "Pregnant at the Wrong Time" explains how to deal with this unexpected situation.


Seize this opportunity: Find out why you are actually thinking about an abortion...

You may have recognized yourself in the situations described above… or perhaps your story is completely different. Either way, it is worth looking beyond the obvious reasons for considering an abortion by digging deeper into the underlying causes.

By doing so, your present hardship can turn into an opportunity for you to:

  • become aware of what is really important to you in life.
  • work on your relationship and thereby grow even closer to your partner.
  • find out what is worth living and fighting for — and to lay the foundation for it.
  • take time for self care amid these difficulties.


If your mind is reeling in the midst of this process and you don’t know how to decide, make use of the First Aid Test. Getting an objective view on this challenging situation may help you recognize how to turn this hardship into an opportunity!


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