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Where Can I Get an Abortion?

  • Medical abortions usually take place at home, but the abortion pill needs to be obtained from a provider.
  • Surgical abortions take place in hospitals, doctor’s offices, and various types of clinics, including specialized abortion clinics.
  • Most surgical abortions are outpatient. Only 4% of abortions (induction abortions and complications) require an overnight stay.
  • In most countries, surgical abortions must be performed by trained medical staff.

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Abortion Provider Near Me

Wondering where to go for an abortion? Since a licensed physician must prescribe or perform abortions in most countries, the abortion pill and surgical abortions are usually obtained at:

  • Doctors’ offices
  • Various kinds of clinics
  • Specialized abortion clinics
  • Hospitals

Abortion providers are usually found in major cities rather than rural areas.

Abortion Pill Near Me

Wondering where to get abortion pills? Find information below about where to acquire the abortion pill in your country:

  • USA:

    • Abortion pills are only dispensed by very few retail pharmacies. Usually, the prescribing physician, NP, or PA either gives the drug directly to the patient or sends it in the mail. Requesting abortion pills via telemedicine is only permitted in 21 states, so obtaining the abortion pill often requires a visit with an abortion provider. Where and when the medication is taken depends on state laws and the clinic’s policies. The first pill (mifepristone) is commonly taken at the doctor’s office. A second set of pills (misoprostol) is provided to be taken 1–3 days later.
  • Great Britain:

    • The abortion pill can only be obtained directly from an NHS hospital or licensed clinic.

    Northern Ireland:

    • Many women travel to England to obtain the abortion pill.

    Republic of Ireland:

    • Abortion pills are obtained at an abortion facility.
  • Australia:

    • The abortion pill must be prescribed by a medical doctor to purchase it at a pharmacy.
  • Canada:

    • Here, the abortion pill is known under the brand name Mifegymiso®. It can be obtained at specific pharmacies with a prescription only.

    New Zealand:

    • The abortion pill must be obtained directly from an abortion provider. It is not available at a pharmacy.

    South Africa:

    • The abortion pill is available in public facilities across South Africa. You will, however, need a prescription at a pharmacy.
  • Austria:


    • A prescription may be required to purchase the pills, depending on the individual pharmacy.




    • The abortion pill combination can only be obtained with a prescription from specific pharmacies or at abortion clinics.




    • Abortion pills must be prescribed by doctors at approved hospitals or clinics.

    The Netherlands:

    • The abortion pill is only available at abortion clinics and hospitals.

⚠️ Note: In many countries, abortion pills cannot be dispensed by retail pharmacies.

If pharmacies are prohibited by law from carrying the abortion pill, the prescribing physician either gives the drug directly to the patient or sends it in the mail.

Where and when you take the medicine depends on the local laws and the clinic’s policies. The first medication (mifepristone) is commonly taken at the doctor's office. You are then sent home with a dose of misoprostol, which is to be taken at a later point in time.

During at-home abortions, the second medication will induce cramping, causing the fetus to be expelled over the course of several hours or days. After the abortion, a follow-up visit with your doctor is recommended to ascertain whether the abortion is complete.

Surgical Abortion Near Me — Abortion Services: International Overview

Find information below about where to go for a surgical abortion in your country:

Outpatient vs. Overnight Stay

Outpatient Abortion:

96% of surgical abortions, such as vaccum aspiration, D&C, D&E, and D&X, are outpatient. . Outpatient means the woman will leave the clinic the same day the abortion is performed. After resting in the recovery room for about an hour, the woman is released home.

Overnight Abortion:

Only induction abortions, or medically complex situations, require an overnight stay.

Consult a doctor immediately when experiencing severe side effects. Abortion may result in emotional distress, necessitating professional help. This may include an overnight stay in a hospital ward.

Where to Go from Here…

You are probably reading this because you are wondering where to get an abortion. While an internet search will provide you with the location of abortion providers in your area, you are likely looking for more than facts. Your situation is probably anything but easy, making you feel like your whole world is falling apart. The questions that are likely going through your mind would be, “Where do I go from here? Should I have an abortion? How do I know what is right for me?”

You are not alone! It would be a privilege for us to walk alongside you as you navigate this time of uncertainty.

Our judgment-free resources were created with you in mind. Find the path that is right for you:

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Disclaimer: The locations listed in this article are not guaranteed by Profemina. All information is subject to change due to constantly shifting abortion policies worldwide.

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