Illegal and Dangerous DIY Abortions

DIY Abortions

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Abortion Using Home Remedies

🚫 Can I do an at-home abortion? – your Self-Evaluation

  • Self-induced abortions, i.e., abortions without formal medical supervision, are illegal in many countries and states.
  • Most DIY abortion methods, whether medical, herbal, or non-medical, carry higher risks and side effects, making them unsafe.
  • Only 28% of self-managed abortions without the abortion pill lead to the desired result.

This article informs you of legal regulations and how you can proceed. Continue reading the article here!

Can I Do an At-Home Abortion? – Your Self-Evaluation

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Is it Legal to Self-Manage an Abortion?

  • Most countries have stricter laws on self-induced abortions than on abortions overseen by a physician.
  • It is safe to assume that any restrictions on abortion in general also apply to self-induced abortions.
  • In many regions, self-inducing an abortion is considered a crime. The concern for the safety of the mother outweighs her desired freedom.
  • Several women have been prosecuted for self-inducing abortions under various statutes, ranging from fetal homicide to failure to report an abortion to a coroner.
  • The following states ban self-managed abortions:
    • Arizona, Delaware, Idaho, Nevada, New York, Oklahoma, and South Carolina.
  • Additionally, the following states have prosecuted self-managed abortion attempts:
    • Arkansas, Indiana, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, and Utah.

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Abortion Home Remedies

If you do an online search on self-managed abortion, you will find DIY abortion "instructions." The two most frequently mentioned methods are:

Abortion Using Home Remedies?

Taking herbs such as parsley, sage, saffron, or mugwort does not induce an abortion directly. The consumption of large amounts can cause adverse reactions. It is possible that this would trigger contractions of the uterus, causing the baby to be expelled.

Terminating a Pregnancy with Medication

In most countries, drugs with abortifacient effects — such as mifepristone and prostaglandins — are prescription only and cannot be obtained over the counter.

Learn more about:

Possible Risks Factors of At-Home Abortions

Physician-facilitated abortions can lead to complications, but even more risks are associated with DIY abortions.

In many cases, herbal treatments or other home remedies do not induce an abortion but can be detrimental to your health. Only 28% of attempted self-managed abortions are successful.

Using an instrument to induce abortion can cause injuries that may lead to heavy bleeding.

If you are suffering from the effects of an attempted abortion, seek medical help immediately.

⛔️ The worst-case outcome would be life-threatening due to (blood)-poisoning or heavy bleeding. Therefore, it is advisable not to attempt a self-managed abortion. Your life is valuable!

Get the best medical and mental health support possible. You are worth it!

Get the best medical and mental health support possible. You are worth it!

Pregnant and Anxious

Are you afraid that someone may find out about your pregnancy? Are you looking for a secret way out? Perhaps you are just looking for a holistic herbal method, because you do not want a medical procedure. Or maybe finances or regulations hinder you from getting a regular abortion. Either way, the situation you are facing is anything but easy!

We have a wealth of free resources, which we would love to share with you. You are not alone as you walk through this dark valley. Your heart is worth more than a quick fix! Use the links below to discern your fears and desires, and possible solutions:


The attempt to give yourself an abortion can lead to serious side effects. These risks make self-abortions unsafe for the pregnant woman.

Therefore, abortions must be performed under the supervision of a medical provider. Self-inducing an abortion is usually illegal. The pursuit of a DIY abortion often stems from the desire not to be found out. More than ever, this would be a good time to choose someone to confide in.

Having an abortion via natural means such as using herbal extracts is considered a criminal offense in many countries. These laws are meant to protect women from the high risks and complications associated with self-induced abortions. Therefore, most governments require abortions to be performed by medical staff. When a woman desires to "fix things" on her own, her situation is usually bleak. Support is available.

An abortion can lead to heavy bleeding, adhesions, or a greater risk of infection. Apart from the physical side effects, having an abortion can have emotional repercussions. Every woman's experience stands alone. Therefore each woman has the right to carefully weigh her personal concerns, before making a decision.

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