Abortion Without Parental Consent?

Abortion Without Parental Consent?

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Abortion Under 18 – Do I Have to Tell My Parents? 

  • Minors can get abortions. 
  • Depending on the region in which you reside, you may be required to tell your parents or even get their permission. 
  • This article lists the teen abortion laws country by country.

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Teen Abortion - How Old Do You Have to Be to Get an Abortion?

There is no minimum age for an abortion. Teens have the option of getting an abortion. 

Note: Some countries require parental consent or notification for minors. Other countries have no requirement of parental involvement. Sometimes, only one parent, or even a sibling, has to be notified. 


Here are the abortion laws for minors in your country: 

Abortion Laws for Teens – International Overview

South Africa

No parental involvement required. 


Parental consent required for minors under 18.


Parental consent required for minors under 18.



Parental consent required under 16. Your doctor determines whether parental consent is necessary between 16 and 18.


New Zealand


No parental involvement required.



See our Austrian page.


See our German page.

Great Britain

No parental involvement required.


See our Italian page.


See our Portuguese page.

Republic of Ireland

Parental consent required for minors under 16.

The Netherlands

Parental consent required for minors under 16. Between 16 and 18, the  doctor decides whether a parental consent is necessary.

Northern Ireland

No parental involvement required.


See our Swiss page.


Parental consent required for minors under 14.


Parental consent and accompaniment required for minors under 18.


See our USA page.


Anticipating Your Parents’ Reaction

Your parents probably have no idea about your pregnancy or the fact that you are considering an abortion. You are anticipating their reaction. You may also be concerned that they would be disappointed or burdened by the news. These kinds of thoughts and worries would make it difficult to know what to do. 

It is hard to tell how your parents will react to the news about becoming grandparents. Oftentimes, the family’s response is much more positive than anticipated. Even if it comes to an initial outburst of anger, this does not have to be the final word. 

Explosive reactions often give way to an attitude of “We can do this!” A decision to keep the baby is usually followed by joyful anticipation. In many cases, the grandparents-to-be offer unexpected support, which deflates any tension. Could this become your story?


How Do I Tell My Parents That I Am Pregnant?

Whether your country requires you to inform your parents or not, you may be looking for ways to include them in your decision. Here are five tips on how to prepare for a conversation with your parents.


1. 👥 Seek Support 

You may find it helpful to share your situation with someone you trust before approaching your parents (e.g., an older sister, a grandmother, an aunt, or a neighbor). Her reaction will probably be a lot calmer, since she is not your primary caregiver. Having this ally join the conversation will usually soften the overall tone. 


2. 🤔  Choose Your Words Beforehand

During your conversation, your emotions may get the best of you and you forget what it is that you what to say. Choose your words beforehand. It is even okay to bring your notes. 


3.  🙏  Ask Your Parents for Their Support

One effective way of opening the conversation is by sharing with your parents that you are facing a difficult situation and that you need their support. Admit that it is not easy for you to talk about it. Ask them whether they are willing to be there for you. 

Taking this preliminary step will pave the way for a gentler response. 


4.  🧑/👨   Approach Just One Parent First 

Which parent would you find easier to talk to about the news – mom or dad? It may be a good idea to confide in this parent first. You will then have someone to root for you when sharing with the parent who is more likely to explode. 


5.  🕰 Give Them Time 

Your parents may initially be dumbfounded and may not know how to respond. Give them time to come to terms with the news, rather than expecting them to take an immediate stance. This will allow them to carefully choose their words and position. 


Can a Minor Be Forced to Have an Abortion?

You may be wondering whether your parents can force you to have an abortion. Perhaps someone else is pressuring you. You may still be unsure of which way to decide; or you may have made up your mind to keep the baby. 

It is probably a relief to know that coerced abortion is a criminal offense. Neither your parents, the father of the child, nor anyone else is allowed to force you to have an abortion. 

If staying in your home under these circumstances becomes too difficult, you have several options, including moving to a maternity home. 


Teen, Pregnant, and Scared – Now What?

You had probably not anticipated having a baby at this stage in life. This pregnancy poses a huge challenge. Where do you even start? 

Can you think of someone to turn to? Someone who would help you discover your deepest desires? Someone who would strengthen your resolve when things get tough? 

Whether you are fortunate enough to have this kind of support or not, YOU ARE NOT ALONE! 

Allow us to walk alongside you as you discover your unique path. Our resources provide you with a judgement-free setting in which you can discern the choice that just right for you: 



While profemina seeks to provide you with the most up-to-date information possible, we do not guarantee the accuracy of these statistics, as teen abortion laws can change rapidly.



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